How to coach youth baseball!

As we finished dinner, my wife said my son wanted to ask me something. I looked at my son and, “Sure, what’s up?” 

My son then let me know the school handed out papers advertising youth baseball sponsored by the city’s parks and recreation department. Having played youth baseball as a child, I thought this was a wonderful idea. My son then asked if I would be able to coach his team.

While I could not say no, I also had no idea what to do or how to coach a youth baseball team. Sure, I knew how to play ball, but coaching was something I had no experience with. The baseball season was still a few months away, so I thought I might have enough time to learn how to be a coach. Little did I realize that learning to be a coach is a skill which is never ending. Sure, the basics are pretty easy; however, there is always something which tests my ability and understanding every season. This is why I created this site.

At first, the thought of coaching and being responsible for a baseball team might be overwhelming.  Knowing what kind of baseball bat to buy or the right kind of fielder’s glove can be confusing.   Don’t worry, I’ll help you learn what you need to know.
The purpose of this site is to help all of the people who have been asked, like me, to be a coach and are wondering what they need to do.  

Here are your first easy steps:
  1. Take a deep breath and welcome the challenge!
  2. Be prepared (don’t worry, I will help prepare you)
  3. Bookmark this website and participate in the discussions!
  4. Also frequent http://finkball.blogspot.com/


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