2017 Craven Chains Classic Sponsors


**Please show these businesses and individuals your appreciation for their kind sponsorship!** 

 Hole #1 Blue Pad Hyzer Flip 
  White Pad VAPE MD 
 Hole #2 Blue Pad Kinston Disc Golf Association  (KDGA)  
  White Pad  
 Hole #3 Blue Pad Disc Golf Family 
  White Pad Andrew Wilson 
 Hole #4 Blue Pad Jon "Millsie" Mills   
  White Pad  
 Hole #5 Blue Pad Greenville Disc Golf (GVDG) 
  White Pad Diana and Goody (Team Starfish) 
 Hole #6 Blue Pad Thom's Tavern 
  White Pad  
 Hole #7 Blue Pad Eastern Equine Associates Mobile Veterinarians  
  White Pad Eastern Equine Associates Mobile Veterinarians  
  Hole #8 Blue Pad Brian & Emily Gilmette Team Gary
  White Pad New Hanover Disc Golf Club 
  Hole #9 Blue Pad Trent Cadillac Buick GMC  
  White Pad Brian & Ashley Schweberger 
  Hole #10 Blue Pad Brian & Emily Gilmette 
  White Pad  
 Hole #11 Blue Pad Hot Locks Styling Salon & Spa 
  White Pad Trent Cadillac Buick GMC  
 Hole #12 Blue Pad Guardians of Recreation 
  White Pad Guardians of Recreation 
 Hole #13 Blue Pad Evan Hege and Ducks Flying Discs 
  White Pad Trent Cadillac Buick GMC  
 Hole #14 Blue Pad Frogley Chiropractic Center 
  White Pad Hot Locks Styling Salon & Spa 
 Hole #15 Blue Pad Surf, Wind & Fire 
  White Pad Doss Trucking 
 Hole #16 Blue Pad Heather Zimmerman  
  White Pad Brianna Craft & Marcus Kinsmen 
 Hole #17 Blue Pad Tom Gingrich at State Farm 
  White Pad  CookOut 
 Hole #18 Blue Pad Onslow Flying Disc Association 
  White Pad Hot Locks Styling Salon & Spa Kevin "KG" Gaskins