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Join us and learn about natural building as we construct a cob shed and dive deep into natural gardening with our food forests! Check out our sustainable garden events (Seed Exchange, Natural Gardening, Planting Parties) with Learning Garden Coordinator, Moonrose Doherty.  The cob shed construction has been a community and volunteer based project guided by PCC instructor and natural builder, Bernhard Masterson. If you want to learn more about natural building or sustainable gardening, the Learning Garden offers an inclusive and supportive place to gain new skills and friends. 

Please join us on September 15th, 22nd, and 30th for free Cob Natural Building workshops! If you've wanted to learn about cob and how it's done, come get some hands-on experience from 9am-1pm on those dates, we'll be mixing, applying, and trimming. There'll be refreshments and kids are always welcome for the mixing and cob dance portion! Don't miss out! Please bring a water bottle and shoes/boots that can get muddy.

For more information contact Moonrose Doherty, PCC Newberg Center Learning Garden Coordinator at moonrose.doherty@pcc.edu 971-722-8610 

We want to teach you about growing food, non-toxic weed management, food forests, pollinators, and permaculture. Schedule a time with us to learn about natural cultivation, how to stick to chemical-free plant care, pollinator-friendly practices, and permaculture. We look forward to meeting you.

If you would like to be involved in the following special projects: pollinator tracking, planting the herb spiral, adopting a raised garden bed, or planting native plant species in the garden, please contact Moonrose Doherty.   

To sign up for our mailing list or for questions about the cob shed project, please contact us with this form.

Proposed Shed Design
Proposed Shed Design

We had a nice story published in the Newberg Graphic read the article here.

working on the cob wall
Progress on the shed continues, and just to remember how far we've come check out the photo at left, when we first started! We have now gotten to the point where we'll be installing windows in the cob walls. We are enjoying all the new faces coming out to help at the volunteer work parties. Please join us! Get to know each other and learn about cob.
See our Pictures section for more!  

This project made possible by The Green Initiative Fund of Portland Community College and the Building and Construction Technology department.

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Please check out the Alternative Building Design Class being offered at PCC Newberg Center for Summer term 2017: