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Welcome. As stated above, this site will be used to host my animations, artwork, etc. I'll keep you all updated on recent events that have occurred so you know what's going on in my animation "career."



News and Updates:

4/23- Redness is about 1/4 finished. I must pick up the pace to finish by June. I was also in Wazitooya's Collaboration recently. It failed, IMO. Well, any publicity is good publicity, right?

3/16- Production on Redness II was harmlessly hampered by Fitzkore Madness, a week-long project I made especially for Tomfitz. View it here.

2/16- Hey, guys. I'm not dead (you're not so lucky, I guess). HotS is out and you can view it har.

 I was also in the third installment of Madness Neurosis. =D 

 12/29- On the 25th I submitted the trailer for Hunt of the Shoopacabra. Yes, it is back. I also submitted Madness Facade II (Decoy) yesterday. Go to Animations to watch both.

HotS is coming to a close. I'll be done at around early January. If I'm lucky, late December. Please, remind me to work on it, every time you email me, post on my userpage, etc...

11/28- I've started organizing the symbols for Redness 2. I have a preview picture on If you wanna get a peak at it, go to the site and look for it under "Fan Tributes."

Also, HotS is coming along well. Should be done in mid-December. I've got some updates from that on my userpage on NewGrounds.

11/9- After a brief battle with his second case of cancer, Michael Tufano died. I'm grieving now, but I know that he's out of his suffering.

Also, HotS will be continued on another computer. My laptop still doesn't have Flash.

10/17- Hunt of the Shoopacabra has been going good. I'm almost halfway done with the intro. Once I get my laptop, my animation speed should increase dramatically. And until January, you can all enjoy this small preview I made:


Also, once HotS is finished, I will immediately start on Redness II and... Maddock.

9/28- I'm animating again. Hopefully, I will get my laptop tomarrow and move out of the shithole that is the basement at my grandmother's house. I'm gonna load all my files on to one disk and transfer them to my lappy.

Aside from this, I have started up two of my nine side projects. Madness: Dolt (the third in the Nincompoop Series) and Hunt of the Shoopacabra. I have thought up some creative ideas for these, including shit slides, Nigel Higgins, and a zoo. =0

9/23- Madness Day is over. I had oodles of fun. Staying up 'til five AM took a toll on my sleep, but it was worth it. I saw some crazy-ass anmations. Also, many people submitted their highly-anctipated tributes, such as: Chase of the Frankfurter, Madness: tribulation, Dadness Combat, Dad Episode 1: Vehemence, and Madness: Outbreak. Even Splurgle got a Preview for ME5RE out! I had a great night, full of excitement. Now, I'm working on Redness 2. Can you all stand the wait?

9/18- Late update. My site was suspended (FTW?). Precedence and Schelmiel are finished and we're waiting for Madness Day. I've also added several projects that I hope to finish when I have the time. Keep your eyes peeled.

7/12- Once again, I am sneaking on to the computer. Well, whatever. I'm geting a good amount done on the Trailer. I might actually finish it today! =D

Precedence's production has been slowed, so I will continue it tomarrow. I'm thinking of mashing the whole animation into one scene and streaming it, as Splurgle has told me to do. it will probably help with the voice acting.

7/7- Against my promise to stay off the internet until September, I have decided to limit myself to one hour a day, until Sunday 7/8. However, yesterday and today, I have been on almost all day working on the intro to ME5Re and Redness. I'm jamming all this work in so I won't have much to do in September.

I talked with Splurgle today and he mentioned that we may need a Madness Day preloader to submit something for Madness Day. If you have any info, please contact me.

6/30- I've started up my googlepages site, just as ACE, Splurgle, and Shrinkz have. Not only will this help you keep track of what's going on, but it'll help me, because I hate being disorganized. With this site I feel there is much more organization.

LOL. Also, I was b& from yesterday. Today I made an alt got that was banned too. I'm not gonna be there for a while anyways, 'coz of my three month break. Once Precedence is over, I will be free at last!

My Agitation piece will be featured in ACE's Madness Agitation. Stay tuned for when it comes out. I'll post it in Animations.