Welcome to NewBa Soft.

What's meaning of "NewBa"? You guys all knew "new", "ba" is "dad" in Chinese pronunciation, yes, I am a "new daddy", my baby will born in Dec 2009, and this year is "OX" year, my babie's Chinese Zodiac is ox, "ox" in Chinese pronunciation same as "new", so "NewBa" also means "daddy of ox". I am very excited about this, and I plan to develop a software as a gift to my baby. My wife gave me a G1 (android phone) as birthday gift in Jun, so I decided to develop some android software. BTW,I really like Android platform.

My first Android application is "Pregnancy Widget", it's a Widget which display pregnancy weekly data on G1 screen. Every day I can see my babie's current information on my phone: height,weight,week of pregnancy, reasonable weight-added for mom. When I watch these data, my heart full of happiness, and I really love the feeling.

"Pregnancy Widget" is the first gift to my baby, and I aslo pleased to share it with all future parents, it will be free, you can download from "Android market" and use it freely.

Now, "NewBa Soft" team have three members: my baby, my wift and me. :)).

    "For my wife Grace Dong and My baby牛牛, I love you so much!"
                                                                                                                    -Kevin Meng