The establishment of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan is an act of historical significance by the NWFP Government since independence of the country in 1947. Being located at the focal point, the area had witnessed the rise and fall of the famous civilizations that inspired the world with the glorious culture and civilized traditions devoted to learning and scholarship. Unfortunately, with the passage of time and onslaught by the bellicose tribes the human achievements spanning thousands of years were got buried in the debris of time. The establishment of Abdul Wali Khan University is a bold step forward to resurrect and bring back the same dazzling culture by mobilizing the intellectual resources of young scholars and to deepen their vision about the crying need to join together the human society irrespective of caste, colour or creed. More 

The (AWKUM) Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan will be a beacon of quality education to equip the young minds with modern scientific, technical and socio-cultural knowledge to resurrect the bygone glory of the past ages and radiate the latest scholastic discoveries across the country to project Pakistan as a citadel of peace and enlightenment by setting up a culture of research and creative learning suited to the needs of modern age.




AWKUM Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan will promote universal brotherhood and dignity of human beings through selfless service as practised and envisaged by late Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan. The distinction of caste, colour and creed would be eliminated and the mark of the respect will be the consequence of scholastic achievement and humane behavior of the indivisual and not his breed