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"Water should be clear, but not invisible," - that's one of the taglines of the "Water's Worth It ™" campaign by the Water Environment Federation. The New England Water Communication's Collaborative aims to harness the power of this campaign, as well as that of the Value of Water Coalition and American Water Works Association, to help elevate, in the public's eye, the importance of water and how vital it is to our day-to-day lives. As a result, May has been named "Water's Worth It ™" month. 

Indispensable to jobs, the economy, our health, and our communities, water runs through our lives in many ways. The men and women of the water profession work 24/7 to ensure you have safe drinking water, consistent wastewater services, and sufficient drainage via our stormwater systems. No longer the "silent servants," it is time the public realize how vital it is to support their local water and wastewater utilities and the work they must continue to do to ensure proper infrastructure investment and upgrades.  

We all have something at stake when it comes to water. Each of us also has a valuable contribution to make. Support your water utility and public works departments in their efforts to continue to enhance your local systems.  

The New England Water Communications Collaborative's objectives are to: 

Assist utilities with conducting proper public outreach. 
Raise general public awareness and confidence about water resources and utilities. 

Please visit our "Resources" page to learn more about messaging being utilized and how you can assist. 

If your organization is interested in joining the collaborative, email Kirsten King at kking@newwa.org.
The Collaborative on "Chronicle" - Channel 5, Boston

The collaborative, in March of 2019, worked with the on-air news magazine, "Chronicle," to produce an episode on water. The show proved to be a huge success, and the segments may be viewed at the below links:  

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