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James Dean Bradfield + other things 

This is where I try to list some of some my favourite James Manic quotes:

"Did you ever think about changing the band name?
 Bradfield: The Funkiness of the manic, that down- at-heel angriness, seems a bit daft now. We did try and change the name once, very early on. Here was a band who sounded like The Clash on a bad night, we're wearing skinny white jeans in the middle of Madchester and we're called the Manic Street Preachers. Are we taking this a little too far? In the end, we couldn't think of anything better. "

"Obviously we’re not as sexy without Richey. I’m not quite sure. I think Nick is. That’s enough. I think what we were at the start was very sexy, just boys prepared to dress up in tight white jeans and show their little bump ‘n’ grinds, and be political in the most obtuse senses and be little rascals was very sexy. But we can’t be that now, can we? ( A/N :Where he says "Nicky is"? That could be taken out of context very easily. ;) )


Nicky: "I feel a bit sorry for James - Mr Marlon Brando - having to sing it," he sniggers. James felt awkward at first, putting music to it, because as he did so he could imagine playing it live, "and all these boys going ‘Poof-tah! Poof-tah! Poof-tah!’" but he did it anyway. "It’s pleading for some female symmetry on his tired male body," says James, who has himself worn a dress just once - a girlfriend’s dress, in the bedroom. "Everybody’s done that, haven’t they?" he says. "It was nice. A pink dress with flowers on. I was thinner then, I looked much better than any of Chumbawumba." 

There’s a certain grace to a Japanese pop interview. A typical question begins: "I was very impressed with the album title, which reflects your sincerity as ever..." She compliments James’ voice on the album. "He sung like an angel on this one," says Nick. "A fairy," says James.