Any person who holds a valid OWWL library card is eligible to borrow materials and use computer equipment at the Newark Public Library.  A library card can be renewed annually by the user by verifying the information in the system.  Children are eligible for their own library card beginning at age 5.  A parent or legal guardian with acceptable identification must sign the application for a child’s card (up to age 14).

A library card must be presented at checkout.  An exception may be made if a patron has forgotten his/her library card and is able to show valid photo identification.  However, the library cannot make exceptions on a regular basis.  Patrons may pay a fee to replace a lost library card.

The patron is responsible for all library materials checked out on his/her library card. For patrons under the age of fourteen (14), the adult who signed the registration form takes this responsibility.

Newark Library cards can be used in any participating OWWL Library.  All users with an OWWL library card issued at a participating library have full borrowing privileges.

Overdue materials will accrue fines.  Borrowing privileges will automatically be suspended if a patron accrues $5 in charges or 5 or more items overdue. 

Unless materials are needed to fill a hold or have reached renewal limits, they can be renewed by phone, online or in person.  Loan periods for all materials will be set and maintained by the library staff.

Materials that are borrowed are to be returned in the same condition.  Damage to library materials will be billed to the user.

Holds for library materials from other OWWL libraries can be placed by staff or online by the cardholder using his/her account and PIN number.  A PIN number is supplied when a library card is issued or in person at the library any time thereafter.                                                                                                             

Adopted by the Newark Public Library Board of Trustees June 12, 2013