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Board Member Code of Ethics

Board Member Code of Ethics As a member of the board of directors, I will not:

•    Criticize fellow board members for their opinions, in or out of the boardroom.
•    Use the organization for my personal advantage or that of my friends or relatives.
•    Discuss the confidential proceedings of the board outside the boardroom.
•    Promise how I will vote on any issue before a meeting.
•    Interfere with the duties of the administrator or undermine his/her authority with staff members.

As a member of the board of directors, I will:
•    Listen carefully to other board members
•    Respect the opinion of my fellow board members.
•    Respect and support the majority decision of the board.
•    Recognize that all authority is vested in the full board only when it meets in legal session.
•    Keep well-informed about developments relevant to issues that may come before the board.
•    Participate actively in board meetings and actions.
•    Bring to the attention of the board any issues that I believe will have an adverse effect on the organization or those we serve.
•    Refer complaints to the proper level of the chain of command.
•    Recognize that my job is to ensure that the organization is well managed, not to manage the organization.
•    Represent all those whom this organization serves and not a particular special interest group.
•    Consider myself a “trustee” of the organization and do my best to ensure that it is well-maintained, financially secure, and always operating in the best interest of those we serve.
•    Always work to learn how to do my job better.
•    Declare conflicts of interest between my personal life and my position on the board, and abstain from voting when appropriate.

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Adopted by the Newark Public Board of Trustees on July 10, 2014