LLoan Periods & RenewalsL

Books, audio books, CD's, magazines, and nonfiction videos are all loaned for 3 weeks.  
A longer 6 week loan period is also available on some of these items upon request.

All popular videos are loaned for 1 week.

In most cases, each item can be renewed up to 2 times by visiting the library in person, giving us a call, or through your online account at www.owwl.org

LFines & Feesb
All materials other than videos that are not returned on time 
will accrue a fine ofL $0.20 per day late.

Videos not returned on time will accrue a fine of $1.00 for each day they are late.

If at any time your account exceeds $5.00 in fines/fees or you have more than 5 overdue items, your borrowing privileges will be suspended until your account is settled.