Newark Global Village School Zone

The Newark Global Village School Zone was created to enable administrators, staff, students, parents and community partners to align our attitudes, behaviors, decisions and actions to the mission of producing college ready and workplace ready graduates.  We must systematically increase out application of planning and teaching to the national standards, strategically looking at students’ work to meet their individual needs, providing meaningful feedback with next steps, and maintaining fidelity to superior curriculum. 


Our current data indicated that we have many scholars who are “falling below established benchmarks. Scholars in this category have an attendance rate of 90% or less or are failing in literacy or mathematics or are consistently demonstrating disruptive, poor behaviors.  We must impact these scholars so that they do not drop out of school before graduation.  The prevailing research shows that dropouts are more likely to fall into poverty, become unemployed and are eight times more likely to be imprisoned as their counterparts who graduate high school.


As a team committed to creating learning environments that contribute to the academic success of all students, we expect every staff member to:


§     Enter the Newark Global Village School Zone with a committed  choice to make every day a successful day for scholars!


§     Respect the brilliance of our scholars by starting with their prior knowledge!


§     Be present and focused on scholars’ attendance, academic performance, assessment data and quality of work!


§     Be accountable for taking immediate action when you see indicators  of failure!

§     Follow through with strategies to change failing indicators!

§     Contribute to the positive social and emotional growth of every scholar!


§     Demonstrate the belief that student success is the direct result of following clear, explicit and effective systems and instruction!


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