New Albany Music Department Philosophy

The goal of New Albany Music Education is to develop students who pursue active lifelong participation in musical activities using skills
gained through involvement in K-12 programs. Our music programs function as a core curricular area and produce well-rounded musical
individuals. Every student has the opportunity to participate in a meaningful musical experience that contributes to the emotional,
intellectual, aesthetic, and physical development of the child.

The New Albany Music Department supports and endorses the “Value and Quality of Arts Education” statement as adopted by the Music
Educators National Conference as well as the National Standards for the Arts.

New Albany Music Ensemble Literature Selection Process

The New Albany Music Department considers our musical ensembles as performing groups, as well as an outlet for students to
experience curricular segments similar to what is taught in the general music classroom. Music is selected based upon the following

· Musical value
· Educational characteristics
· Selection of developmentally appropriate literature (tessitura, texture, style, etc.)
· Historical significance
· Multicultural aspects
· Programming

Curriculum Map

Assessment Map

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