Facilities of Newacheck Brothers

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Hello here we are at the studio. We use Final Cut Studio 2 along with the adobe family. We have client monitors located around the studio so all can see.

Here we are at the edit bay. As you can see we like naked... Juice come on keep you head out of the gutter. come on lets keep the tour a rollin'.

We have been doing this for quite some time as you can see from our eclectic range of cameras. from hi-8 to HD.

If you forgot some lines on the day of shooting or your audio guy screwed up, well we can fix it on out ADR/Foley Booth. Nothing is too big for us.

Wow! look at the beautiful view overlooking the San Clemente Valley. Just kidding were in Van Nuys and thats our pool. When we are all done we can take dip in the beautiful pool.