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My name is Adam Newacheck and I have wanted to make films my whole life. I spent the last 4 years at film school trying to find out what I wanted to do with "making films". Now out of film school I still have no idea what section I love more. With having completed my schooling I have found one thing, I love the magic of movie making. I love seeing the magic of an idea being given the breath of life. I still want to make films and lets leave it at that. Put me anywhere on set or in life and I will succeed.

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Since Kyle was 13, and Adam was 11 they knew that making films together was their dream. The only problem was, they didn't have facial hair yet, and you can't be a good filmmaker unless you rock a unique beard/mustache combo. They understood this and decided to master each craft as their mustaches grew. First editing - no facial hair, then producing, still no mustaches, directing, writing, cinematography, music, visual effects... YES! We got mustaches, now we can start. Through this process they learned that niether of them have a strict love for one portion of the film creation process, but rather a deep love and interest in the whole production process, from idea to millions of audience members. It doesn't hurt that they both have pretty decent, yet untamed, facial hair, which they refuse to shave.

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8/2: Well we just finished The parody music video "I kissed a dog" You can view it below. Or on Youtube

6/24:Just about finished post-production the pilot "Preppy Hippies" from the group Sketch Camp. You will be able to view the pilot soon.

6/23:Well Welcome to we are finally online. Here you will be able to see what these two film makers are up to.

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Kyle Newacheck, pronounced just as it's spelled.  I direct, I produce, and I edit.  I consider myself to be a very resourceful person, inventing new ways to mimic Hollywoods' style, without spending Hollywood's money. I started in this industry as a PA, and very quickly moved to gripping/gaffing while the whole time I was starting an independant Post facility.  I did what I had to do to pay the bills.  Somehow, I now teach editing at the Los Angeles Film School, and also produce, direct and edit films... go figure..

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