St. James

18/03/10: St James’ ready for big contest by Curtis Morton

Coach of the St.James’ Primary School, Shefton Daniel is calmly confident that his team will perform well in the upcoming Inter Primary sports meet, slated for March 24th.

“Training has been going well so far and I am sure about one Class champion”, he stated confidently. Daniel indicated that this year it will be all about strategy.  The athletes will be utilized in such a way that they will bring more points to the team’s overall success than individual glory.  He is confident that his school will win in its zone and is inviting everyone out to what he anticipates will be a keenly contested meet.

He however would like to see the spectators in ‘a little piece of red’.  Red being the colour for St.James’. Even as he conducted the interview, it was observed that he was being ably assisted by Sports Coordinator, Lydia Thompson-Claxton as the athletes practised running in the lanes at the Elquemedo Willet Park

The athletes themselves seemed all enthused as they gave a royal wave to the camera.

04/03/10:  Gold Triumphs at St.James’ Sports meet by Curtis Morton
Gold house emerged champions at the annual ports meet hosted by the St.James’ Primary school at their school ground on Tuesday 2nd March.
The star athlete for the day was Correncia Hamilton who shattered no fewer than five records on the day, most of which she had set herself at previous meets.
Tah-j Liburd was the male star athlete of the day and he also created one new record.
The children blazed the track cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd.
Overall winners:
Gold house  – Champions
Red house   - Second
Green house – Third
Records broken:
Correncia Hamilton— Grade 4: 5 records: 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1500 meters
Tah-j Liburd-Grade 5:  1 record in the 800 meters
Qnnike Jeffers-Grade 2: record in the 400 meters
Isaiah Wilkin-Grade 3—record in the 400 meters
Husene Martin-Grade 1-record in the 60 and 100 meters
Rydell Jeffers-Grade 2—record in the 200 meters.

26/02/10: St. James’ Hosts Cross country events (more information below)
On Friday 26th February, the St.James’ Primary School held its annual cross country events. The students were cheered on by an excited contingent of Parents, Teachers and fellow students and performed creditably in the sweltering heat.  The final results were:

Senior girls: Carencia Hamilton, Sylleen Leader, Ashima Freeman, Saski Mills and Tianna Warner

Senior boys: Tahy Liburd, Kelvis Baker, Dijon Jeffers, Isaiah Wilkin and Zano Chumney

Junior girls: Annique Jeffers, Jerzette Challenger, Doronique Mintos and Shanya Taylor

Junior boys: Rhydel Jeffers, Ajaorre Griffin, Tyri Jeffers, Stalvis Baker and Nigel Semple


26/02/10:  St. James' Primary School's cross country was held today Friday, 26th February. 
Results from such event:-
Senior Girls                                                                        Senior Boys
1st    Corencia Hamilton  (Gold) breaking her 2009 record !!  1st    Tah-j Liburd (Gold)
2nd   Sylleen Leader (Green)                                                 2nd   Kelvis Baker (Gold)
3rd    Ashima Freeman (Gold)                                                3rd   Dijon  Jeffers (Gold)
4th    Saskia Mills (Red)                                                        4th   Isaiah Wilkin  (Red)
5th    Tianna Warner (Green)                                                  5th   Zario Chumney (Green)
6th    Shatelle Daniel (Red)                                                    6th   Jahian Johnson (Gold)
7th    Melecia Clarke (Gold)                                                   7th    Kareem Daniel (Red)
8th    Sarah Hicks (Gold)                                                       8th    Antonio Maynard (Red)
9th    Mervincia Butler (Green)                                                9th    D'ondre Gumbs (Green)
10th  Xzorya Liburd (Red)                                                       10th  Oreon Browne (Green)

Junior Girls                                                                          Junior Boys
1st   Annique Jeffers (Gold)                                                     1st    Rydel Jeffers (Gold)  a new record !!
2nd  Jerzelle Challenger (Gold)                                                2nd   Aizorre Griffin (Red)
3rd   Doronique Mintos (Red)                                                   3rd    Tyri Jeffers (Gold)
4th   Zwena Jones (Green)                                                       4th   Stalvis Baker (Green)
5th   Shanya Taylor (Green)                                                     5th   Nigel Semple (Red)
6th   K-Tara Huggins(Green)                                                     6th   Malik Browne (Gold
7th   Gabriella Swanston (Green)                                              7th   Leon Leplume (Red)
8th   Semira Douglas (Red)                                                      8th   Deshawn Clarke(Red)
9th   Cazalea Weeks (Red)                                                      9th   Dijel Jeffers (Green)
10th Husaene Martin (Red)                                                      10th  Adriyell Hermon (Green)
Points after the cross country stands at:-
3rd Place  Green House     431
2nd Place  Red House       474
1st Place and 2010 Heats Champion Gold House with   567

24/02/10:  Scores after the 200m and 100m
Gold House :     389
Green House :   375
Red House :      369

Scores after the 60M, 400M, 800M, Road Relay
Gold House    - 198
Green House  - 188
Red House     - 184
Cross Country will take place on Friday, 26th February at 9:30am.

Sports day will be held on March 2nd at 12:00 pm at the St. James' Primary School Grounds, under the patronage of Mr. Kenroy Warner.