Special Guests

Expected Guests
Neville (Teddy) McCook (JAM)
Nationality Jamaican 
Marketing Consultant/Administrator

Position held in the IAAF
IAAF Council Member since 1999
President & Representative for the North American, Central American and Caribbean Area (NACAC)

Position held in National Federation
Executive Administrator
Additional Information
President, Jamaica Amateur Athletics Association
Council Member, NACAC
Secretary General, Jamaica Olympic Association
Board Member, Jamaica Special Olympics
World Games Committee of Special Olympics International 

Lenford Levy
Ex-officio Member
Lenford G. Levy (JAM)
Director, RDC San Juan

Date of birth: 19 February 1959
Nationality: Jamaican
Civil status: Married - 3 children
Languages: English & Spanish
Sports Administrator / Athletics Coach
IAAF Involvement:
- RDC Director (1998 - present)
- IAAF Coaches Education and Certification System (CECS) Lecturer (1992 - present)
Additional Information:
Teacher / Coach, Morant Bay High School (JAM), (1984 - 1987)
Lecturer / Coach, G.C Foster College of Physical Education & Sports (JAM), (1987 - 1992)
Jamaica National Coach, (1987 - 1992)
Sports Officer / Coach, British Virgin Islands Government (IVB), (1992 - 1998)
RDC Objective
The international federation envisions that the activities to be undertaken by its Regional Development Centers shall include the following:
• An increased role in the education of coaches through the IAAF Coaches Education and Certification System including the staging of courses and lecturers seminars and the coordination of basic level lecturers throughout the region served.
• Establishing and maintaining a resource center of books, magazines, film, videos and other materials pertaining to athletics.
• Production and distribution of publications required by the region beginning with a regional technical bulletin/newsletter for coaches.
• An increase in the number and type of special courses, seminars and workshops to cover topics such as administration, women's athletics, sports medicine and sports science.
• Provision of facilities for the headquarters of a regional coaches association and other bodies that may be established.
•  Research in the various fields of concern to the countries in the region in coordination with the IAAF Development Department.
• A role in the education of judges and referees.
• Provision of facilities for the training and special preparation of athletes in the region.
Expected Guests

John D. Barkley
Operations Manager

From Auditing at Price Waterhouse and Co., John worked at IBM for six years. During this tenure, he held positions as Accountant, Internal Auditor and Marketing Representative.

In 1983, John began his career at Gulf in the capacity of Finance Manager,
and was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Company from 1991 to March 2006.
Now Operations Manager, John is responsible for the management of the Claims Functions as well as Strategic Planning, Advertising and Public Relations.

As part of his executive development, John attended courses in Finance, Management, Insurance, Reinsurance and Corporate Governance


Anna Linner (Sweden)
University of Borlänge, Dalarna in Tourism and Travel Science
Working experience
Göteborg Track and Field federation, 07- present
•  Youth; competitions
•  Education; for coaches, board members, athletes
•  In charge of the expo during the Halva Marathon, GöteborgsVarvet
   (45,000 runners  in 2008, worlds second largest)

Swedish Track and Field federation, 05-07

•  Team competition for children up to 14 years old
•  Financing projects with “government money”
“Volunteer” experience within track and field

•  Educator within “Young leaders”
•  Coaching athletes from 14-18 years old
•  Greece for 2 weeks in 2004 through a cooperation between all the Olympic academies
    in the world, 180 participants from 80 countries
•  Volunteer during European championship in Gothenburg 2006
•  3 years in the Swedish youth council (2005-2008)
•  Taking part of the coaching program for coaches with athletes, 17 years and older