Lynn Jeffers

(Combined with Bellevue International)
HISTORY:  Commenced in 2005 (Primary Division)
ADDRESS:  Craddock Road
HEAD:  Mr. Keith Glasford
COACH:  Winston Smith
SPONSOR:  To be decided
NUMBERS:  369 - 413
Lynn Jeffers Graduates - A Reason for Pride

Lyn Jeffers principle proud of its graduates past and present (28 April 2006)
By Anastasha Elliott (The Observer)
Alison Owen Hill, principal of the Lyn Jeffers School, is proud of the achievements of the school and its graduates. The Lyn Jeffers Secondary School was started in 1997 with only six kids, by parents who were concerned with the number of students in the public schools, said Hill.
She named Paul Lawrence as one of those parents. The parents, she said, wanted smaller classes for their children lending to individual and specialized attention.
In 2005 the Lyn Jeffers School expanded and opened its doors to primary level education and soon thereafter moved to its new location on Craddock Road next to GASSPREE Services.
 According to Hill the school is looking to expand again.
There are more than 70 students enrolled at Lyn Jeffers, which is one of the leading private schools in the Federation.  The school offers education to students aged six to 17, and also offers scholarships to local students.
Hill, in an exclusive interview, said that the biggest benefit of the school — in addition to its individualized attention and the fact that the 17 teachers employed at the school are specialized in their subject areas — is that the student have gone on to universities or Sixth Form at the Charlestown Secondary School.  Twenty percent of its graduating students retain scholarships to study in England or the USA, said Hill.
The school is phasing into offering full CXC subjects to its high school students. "We try to create a well rounded and balanced individuals here. We look to develop a well rounded child focusing on the vocational as well as the academic," she said. Of the 70 students now enrolled at Lyn Jeffers seven of them will be graduating this summer and will enroll at universities and four will move up to secondary level.

The school has an extensive fine arts program through fine arts professionals in the community such as Sooti Byron of Afrikanni Drummers, Esther Brookes a Drama Specialist and Jack Ngumba an African Dancer. The school also boasts a fencing team with 15 members. Dr. Peter Schnaibel of the University of Americas is the coach. The members include students, teachers, parents and the principal Mrs Hill. The School Hill said is looking into implementing French and Business Courses.