Joycelyn Liburd

Mrs. Joycelyn Liburd
Mrs. Joycelyn Liburd, affectionately known as Teacher Joyce, has given yeoman service to the Gingerland Primary School.  Her kindness and generosity will long be remembered not only by past students but indeed the entire community.   Mrs. Liburd was a teacher, a mother, a mentor and a provider for many students and their families.  She showed interest in the holistic development of each child and looked out particularly for needy children.  Mrs. Liburd gave unselfishly of her time and resources to ensure that every child had the necessities for school.  This included lunch for many students.  Many are the students who benefited from her generosity, not only at Primary School but through High School.
 Mrs. Liburd was there on 9th October 1978, celebrating the start of a new era in a bigger and more conducive learning environment.  No longer would she have to walk the children up to Junior School on September morning.  Infant and Juniors were all here on the same compound.
Her teaching career spans 41 years, 1952 – 64 at St. John’s Primary School, 1964 – 1978 at Gingerland Infant School,  1978 – 93 at Gingerland Primary, less one year and two terms when she worked at Charlestown Boys’ School. 

Gingerland Primary School is located at Hardtimes in the parish of St. George (Gingerland). It is close to the island's main road, just behind the Gingerland Health Centre and about 5 miles from Charlestown, the capital. It is about one mile west of Elliott's Funeral Parlour and has the Gingerland Police Station, Best Buy Supermarket and Gingerland Secondary School as nearby landmarks. Entrances from the main road are: through the Health Centre yard and immediately east of the Police Station and the first left turn. The school is painted bright green and can be seen from the main road. In the vicinity of the Police Station there are pointer signs which direct you to the exact location of the school.
Brief History
Gingerland Primary School was opened on October 9th 1978 to accommodate students from the Gingerland Infant and Gingerland Junior Schools.  Prior to this, the Infant School was located on the grounds of the Gingerland Secondary School, and the Junior School was housed at the Gingerland Methodist Church Hall.
Although the schools came together under one roof they remained two separate entities.  Mrs. Gwendolyn Maynard, headed the Infant Department, while Mr. Gerard Browne headed the Junior Department.
The Infant Department comprised Kindergarten to Grade Two and were assigned five classrooms, Rooms 10, 11, 12, 12A (13) and 14.  Both Grade two classes occupied Room 10.
Teachers at the Infant Department then were as follows:

Kindergarten:  Mrs. Joycelyn Liburd                       Miss Vertille Perkins
Grade 1:           Miss Marion Chapman                  Mrs. Gwendolyn Richardson
Grade 2:           Miss Elvira Simmonds                  Miss Averil Richards
The Junior Department occupied Rooms 1 – 9.  Grade 3, 4 and 5 had two streams A and B.  Grade 6 had three streams A, B, and C.  Each class in the Junior Department was assigned to a classroom.
Teachers at the Junior Department then were as follows:
Grade 3:   Miss Charmaine Hanley                       Miss Claudette Byron
Grade 4:   Miss Emerald Amory                             Mr. Edread Ward
Grade 5:   Mr.Desmond Gilfillan (deceased)       Mr. Conrad Liburd
Grade 6:   Ms. Janetta Elliott  Ms. Janice Grant   Ms. Maurita Morton
Janitor was the late Edna Manners of Hull Ground
The School was built by the firm of S. Hunkins and Sons in 1977 - 1978. A metal plate at the office door indicates that the school was a joint undertaking of the Government of St. Kitts, Nevis and Anguilla and the Government of Canada.
It is important to note that the official opening and handing over ceremony took place on May 31st 1979.  This was broadcast live on ZIZ Radio from its studio at Charlestown.  October 9th, has always been observed as the Anniversary date.
On September 10th 1979 the Infant and Junior schools were merged and renamed the Gingerland Primary School.  Mr. Gerard Browne was the first Headteacher.  Mrs. Gwendolyn Maynard was at that time transferred to the New River School.  Two years later, in 1981, New River School was merged with Gingerland Primary School and Mrs. Gwendolyn Maynard returned to take up the mantle as Headteacher.  At that time Mr. Browne was transferred to Charlestown Boys’ School.  Mrs. Maynard retired in 1984 and she was replaced by Mr. Melford Ward. 
After one year, Mr. Ward was transferred to Combermere Primary School and Mrs. Joycelyn Liburd, who had taught at the school from 1978 to December 1983, returned from Charlestown Boys’ School to serve as Headteacher in September 1985.  When Mrs. Liburd retired in 1993, Mrs. Olvis Dyer took up appointment as Headteacher.  Mrs. Dyer spent four years and retired from the service in 1997.  In September 1997, Mrs. Marion Liburd succeeded Mrs. Dyer as Headteacher.  Mrs. Marion (Liburd) Lescott is one of the two teachers who have been at the school since its inception.  The other is Miss. Elvira Simmonds.
It was the brain child of Mrs. Joycelyn Liburd, then Headteacher to have a Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony at the school.  The first of these was held on the school’s lawn on 5th July, 1988.  Since then it has become an annual event.  It was during the period leading up to the first Graduation Ceremony that the motto, “Aspiring for the Highest” was formulated. This was the combined effort of Mrs. Joycelyn Liburd and the Grade 6 class. Based on this motto, the school song was composed by Mrs. Averil Richards-Williams.  The words of this song have been an inspiration to students and teachers alike over the years. 
One student from the first Graduating class, Michele Hendrickson is presently a teacher at the school.  One student from 1978, Mrs. Dawnny Hobson-Lanns, who was then in Grade 1 is now a teacher at the school.  Mrs. Marion Lescott, Principal was the Grade 1 teacher, then.
In September 1999 a determined effort was made to introduce Cultural Activities as part of the schools curriculum.  The Department of Culture has since been actively involved in this area and children are involved in activities such as Drumming, playing the Guitar and Fife and Cultural Dances – Clowns and Cake walk.  Our Choir continues to function exceptionally well, and in 2001 and 2003 captured the prestigious Palm Awards.   In 2006, the Steel Pan was introduced to the students as part of the Cultural Activities.  A structured music programme geared towards preparation for CXC Music was introduced in September 2007.
Student Involvement in decisions affecting them was the basis of forming our first Student Council.  This was established in November 2001. 
Our Computer Lab was set up during 2001 and in September 2002 the timetable was adjusted to include Computer Literacy for students of Grade 3 – 6.
A uniform for Physical Education was introduced in September 2003.


Joycelyn Liburd Primary Sports Day - 12 March 2009


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