Bellevue International

(Combined with Lynn Jeffers)
HISTORY:  Commenced in 2006
ADDRESS:  Bath Plain
HEAD:  Mrs. Lucia Wilkinson
COACH:  Winston Smith
SPONSOR:  To be decided
NUMBERS:  369 - 413
The mission of the Bellevue International Primary School is to provide each child with a diverse education in a safe, productive and supportive environment where teaching and learning are exciting, self discipline, motivation and excellence are promoted and students are assisted as they develop responsibly.  The Bellevue staff collaborates with the parents to assist students in developing skills to become independent and self sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community.

Nevis’ newest school invites public to tour (19 May 2006)
By Anastasha Elliott (The Observer)
The newest school on Nevis, Bellevue International Primary School, at 1 p.m. today will hold an open-day with tour sessions and presentations.
The Bellevue International Primary School opened its doors in January 2006 and boasts an administrative block, library and six classrooms situated on an acre of land.
Abdul-Karim Ahmed is the Principal. He said that the grounds and children’s playing area will be ready in September.
A release issued by the school stated that plans for sports facilities, an ICT lab and the creation of a drama club have been proposed. These plans are part of the long-term projects to facilitate environmental studies and drama, as well as reading and mentorship programs. Kimmoy Pemberton, a teacher at the school, said that the physical structure of the primary school is only a small part of the picture. The academic and administrative structures of the school are what make Bellevue unique, she said. The school, she said is committed to providing students with a value-based education to equip citizens with the social and educational tools required to compete effectively in today’s increasingly globalized economy. 
According to Pemberton at the heart of Bellevue is a philosophy for education that realises that the increasingly globalized world requires residents to broaden their horizons and embrace the international community as a neighbour and potential partner.
The School adheres to the National Curriculum of the Federation, however it differs in that it is committed to four additional courses namely reading, listening and writing and speaking.
The four additional core courses addresses the critical areas of literacy, numeracy and speaking and listening, said the release. These four additional core courses join others such as Language in use, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science to create a seven core course.
The students of Bellevue International also study Spanish and environmental studies and engage in extra-curriculum activities.
In September interested students will have the opportunity to enrol in French, Music and ICT classes as part of the school’s extra-curricular program and language training will be extended to kindergarten classes. The model that the school uses to educate its students was developed in the United Kingdom over a 12-year period. 
“One of the key successes of the model is that it offers a standardised approach to education that ensures compatibility with international educational standards ensuring that Bellevue students will be able to transition easily to regional and international institutions.”
The future for Bellevue is bright. Plans are underway for an accelerated learning unit for children aged 3-to 5-years-old, as well as a youth entrepreneurship starter program (YES) that will offer co-op business training for students in grades 5 & 6.


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