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18/03/2009 Crouch Start & Electronic Times

The crouch start for sprint events has been discussed at previous meetings but was not addressed at the Technical meeting held a few weeks ago. Having discussed it with all the schools who had representatives at the Ivor Walters Primary Sports on Friday 13th March, the Association wishes to state the following with regards to the 2009 Gulf Insurance Primary Schools Championship:
"The crouch start for the 100m, 200m, 400m and the 1st leg for the 4x100m & 4x400m is strongly recommended. It is however NOT mandatory, given the concern by some teams of the existing training time before the meet."   It is expected that it will be mandatory from 2010. Kindly be so advised.
Further, please be advised that the Association is considering using fully Electronic times for the meet. It is proposed that 2009 hand times still be used as a means of determining record performances when compared to the hand timed "Records". The 2009 electronics times would then be used as the initial Electronic Records for 2010 and beyond, with hand timed "Records" being acknowledged as historical "Records".

FRIDAY 27th Feb:  IMPORTANT:  Training on periods not allocated is possible but teams need to send the information so it can be posted here and other teams are notified, so that we miminise clashes (no more than 2 teams at any given period). Also please be aware that there are other users of the venue (e.g. CSS) so some accommodation will be necessary from time to time. NOTE: All teams could not get all the slots requested - you are therefore asked to select other slots and advise us.
FRIDAY 20th Feb:  The Technical meeting for the Gulf Insurance Primary School Championships will be held at 9:30 am on Thursday 26th February at the Education Department at Marion heights. Schools are requested to send a representative and to be punctual. The meeting agenda will be posted here.
WEDNESDAY 18th Feb:  A Press Conference will be held on Tuesday 24th February at 11am by the Nevis Amateur Athletic Association at the Red Cross building. The purpose of the press conference is to launch the 2009 edition of the Gulf Insurance Primary Schools Championship to be held on 1st April 2009 at Grove Park, Nevis. A highlight of the conference will be the launching of a dedicated website for the Gulf Insurance Primary Schools Championship which featured pages covering current and past information. Remarks will be given by representatives from Education Department, Major sponsor, Principal sponsor Gulf Insurance, Nevis Amateur Athletic Association representative, Ministry of Youth & Sports. A question and asnwer sessions will conclude the Press Conference. Schools are asked to be represented by 2 athletes and a teacher.

Selected Technical Issues
1. Fact Sheet review/update
2. Selection of Officials
3. Lane Selection
4. Training schedules
5. Procedures
6. Results Postings
7. Finish Line arrangements – Photo-finish
8. Protest Procedure
9. Call System using P.A. System
10. Uniforms
Non Technical Issues
1. Entry arrangement
2. Vendor arrangements
3. School tickets - Primary
4. Draft Budget
5. Transportation - Training & Meet
6. Communication - use of emails / Use of website
7. Incentives
8. P.A. Systems
9. Medical Services
10. Park Cleanup (school selection)
11. Programme
12. Use of NAAA website:
Other Issues
1. 2009 Calendar including Leeward Islands Youth Championships (U-11/13/15)
2. WorkshopS (OfficialS, Coaches)
3. Selection and training of athletes for meets
4. Athletic Equipment, Facilities and Programs in Schools
5. NAAA new website:
6. Any other business