GULF PRIMARY SCHOOLS CHAMPIONSHIP -  Safety, Security, Traffic (being updated for 2016) 
Read about the items that will and will not be permitted into the Gulf Insurance Primary Schools Championship in 2016 and general safety and security measures as well as traffic regulations that will be applied. The following applies to the general public.
The Nevis Amateur Athletic Association in conjunction with the Police is issuing the following guidelines for the Gulf Insurance Primary Schools Championship which will be held on Wednesday 30th March 2016 at Elquemedo Willett Park, Nevis.
The following guidelines will be strictly enforced by the St. Kitts - Nevis Police Force and Private Security personnel for the general public.
  • No back packs will be allowed entry into Grove Park. Only personal bags, which will be subject to search and inspection will be allowed. Food must be contained in clear plastic bags. ?
  • Coolers, large backpacks, large gym bags, glass bottles will NOT be permitted to be brought into the ETW Park.
  • There will be security personnel at every entrance (including athlete entrances) to check contents of bags and your person upon entering Grove Park.
  • This procedure will take a little more time, so please allow for ample time to get into the venue.
The Primary Schools Championship is the largest annual event in Nevis. We hope you understand the necessary security arrangements, and that you are aware your safety and security is important to us. We appreciate your cooperation.
Enjoy the "mini Olympics" !

The Meet Management Event Plan will be updated to provide all agencies and organizations with agreed procedures and plans for the event. This includes emergency and evacuation plans and procedures, security, traffic and parking plans, layout of the event, location of facilities and personnel, communication plan, agency responsibilities, Incident Command Structure & Plan, briefing and debriefing and other plans/procedures.
A command post will be established with an appropriate number of Police and other Agencies strategically located inside and outside the venue.
Entrance for specatators will be the western gate. VIP's and Vendors using the hill east of the field will use the UPPERMOST Eastern gate. Tickets can be bought at the ticket booth(s) near the western gate.
Only meet and team officials, athletes and accreditated media personnel will be allowed entrance to the competition area. The first and second floors of the Pavilion are off limits to the general public.
Fire Officers and Fire suppression equipment will be strategically positioned around the non-event areas.
TRAFFIC (to be updated for 2016)
One-way traffic will apply southwards from Super Foods to the junction of the CSS road and the main road, east along the CSS road to the junction east of the tennis courts, north along the eastern section of the Culturama Complex, west along the Culturama Complex then right to Government Road. “NO ENTRY” signs will be placed at the following locations:
  • Just north of the junction of CSS road and the island main road (traffic officer also to be stationed at this location)
  • at the eastern end of CSS road at the junction east of the tennis courts (traffic officer also to be stationed at this location)
  • at the northern end of the road abutting Government Road (traffic officer also to be stationed at this location)
Vehicular access to Grove Park will be strictly limited. Only Emergency vehicles can enter at the eastern gate during the meet. Traffic can only proceed One-Way (East) along the Park road.
Radio announcements will encourage traffic from Gingerland side to travel via Pump Road near the Cemetery at the roundabout and at Government & the Island main road junction to divert unnecessary traffic around the Park area.
Parking will be allowed on the left side only following the one-way road system described above. Exceptions being the following:
  • adjacent to the main western parking entrance,
  • near corners along the route,
  • between the western end of the CSS road and the southern gate providing an exit to the warm-up area at the “Villa”,
  • between the main Culturama Gate due west and the southern end of the road exiting to Government Road.
Cutoff points will be so designated by traffic boxes.