Memorable quotes from the meet
Leon Williams: Corporate Secretary - Gulf Insurance, Trinidad
"Well I'm having a good time ....  I'm really really impressed with the organising this year" .
Desi Williams: World class athlete (3 time Olympian Bronze medallist) and now Coach in Canada. Born in St. Kitts - commentating at the meet
"This is beautiful .. this is unbelievable ...  cause we don't have anything like this in Canada ... It's great .. you dont know how special this is .. All we need now is to put a track that we have in St. Kitts right here in Nevis ....  There is nothing like it ... there is only one meet and that's the Penn Relays (in the US) where you have that carnival atmosphere, you have teams you know and every body else ....  ".
Hon. Joseph Parry, Premier & Minister responsible for Education - at the Opening ceremony
"Nevis can point with some pride at the performance of athletes who has graduated out of this competition. I want to say that those of you who are moving on to high school we want you to continue to perform and not fall into idle ways and beginning to think that you are in control and move away from competition ....  Athletes who would perform at regional standards and athletes who would be recognized later in the world beyond.  Let us use the competition to bring parents together, let us use the games to makes friends between the children, let us use the games to bring the people of Nevis together".
Hon. Hensley Daniel, Minister responsible for Youth & Sports - at St. John's Primary School celebration
“This afternoon is a great opportunity for celebration and with the new school has come new ideas and as a result, this has spurred you on to do very well in a new environment. I want you to join me in congratulating all of the outstanding athletes. I congratulate you (St. John's - Division B Champions) for the upset".
Hon Robelto Hector, Area Representative for St. Paul’s & Minister responsible for Agricuture, Lands ..... Communication & Works - at Charlestown Primary School celebration
“I am happy to be here again this year to share special moments with you all as athletes. I offer words of congratulations to the team and to the school in general. The performance at the meet is an indication of the hard work of the students, parents, teachers and the coaches".
On Wednesday, April 9th, 2008, before one of the largest audiences ever to be found at any one time on the island of Nevis, Premier Joseph Parry expressed his delight at being able to witness what he called ‘one of the most important dates on the calendar of activities for the island of Nevis.’  Premier Parry was giving brief remarks at the Gulf Insurance sponsored Inter Primary School Championships, an event that has been touted as the ‘Nevis Mini Olympics.