News by C. Clarke

All Roads lead to E.T. Willet Park
This year's Gulf Insurance Inter Primary Championships take on special significance as the meet comes mere days after the Carifta Games which ended two days before the "Mini Olympics" of Nevis. The exciting and compelling Carifta Games culminated with an entertaining closing ceremony where the Junkanoo drummers and dancers of the Bahamas had athletes and spectators from the 26 competing countries moving to the beat of the world renowned Bahamian rhythm in one big Caribbean party.

The Inter Primary Champs is also a party as well where athletics, food and culture merge in one of the highlight evenst of the Nevis social calendar at the E.T. Willet Park. The rivalry among the schools is fierce as just being named a reserve on a team seem to be a great honor. So too are the bragging rights and pride among the alumni and parents. Nevisians take Inter Primary seriously. Many become colour blind, only seeing their colour of choice and no other. This rare malady begins weeks before and gets worse in the days leading up to that. In my first two trips I have seen clowns and scissors-tail/top hat attired genteel men, all in their schools colors. The coolers, buckets and umbrellas all tell the allegiance.

The cuisine served is irresistible as everything Nevisian is available. The sizzling aroma from the barbecue pits act as honey comb attracting bee-lines of patrons.

Does anyone miss this lime? The Premier is there so is the plumber, the Member of Parliament, the market vendor and the grand mother. Such is the appeal that most government offices close at midday. The buzz has been luring persons from neighboring St. Kitts, Antigua and Barbuda and even as far as Sweden.

The highlight for me in my two previous trips was the cheerleaders. The young dancers take to the field as one event comes to an end and provide entertainment until the next event is ready. So far I have been just been an onlooker but I have to be careful that the charm of the event does not get hold of me. The problem will be what colour to choose? Will it be purple and white of Jocelyn Liburd or the orange of Charlestown, the maroon of Ivor Walters, the gold of Elizabeth Pemberton, the red of St. James, the green and black of St. Thomas, the royal blue of VOJN or the baby blue of Maude Crosse Prep?

All roads lead to the E.T. Willet Park, Nevis.