Patron Profile

Profile on Mr. Trevier Smithen

Trevier Smithen, who is originally from the village of Rawlins in the foothills of majestic Nevis Peak, commenced his primary education at the then Gingerland Primary School in September 1994. His athletic ability was recognised very early through his energetic participation in outdoor activities.

During his first sports meet, while in Kindergarten, he proved invincible in the 60m and 80m. In fact, as he progressed through the grades, he stamped his authority on the sprints, comprising the 100m, 200m and 400m and remained unbeatable in all three events. In like manner he was well known for his prowess at the Inter Primary Championships where he dominated the 100 and 200m for many years. It is reported that he became Class Champion twice for the Inter Primary Championships.  In 1997, as a young Grade 2 student, he set a record for the 200m which remained unbroken up to the 20th anniversary of the Championships celebrated in 2012. The longevity of this record is a testimony of his sprinting capability. 

Trevier entered Grade 6 in 2001 where he achieved the accolade of being the captain of Blue House. He was so enthusiastic that he wanted to compete in all the events on Sports Day. As expected, he was unrelenting in his quest for gold and remained unbeaten in the events in which he competed. That same year, which was his final year at the primary level, he carried his winning attitude to the then Grove Park and put to rest any arguments as to who was the best sprinter when he not only overcame his nemesis, Jamol Hamilton of St Thomas’ Primary, and won the 100m, but elevated the game when he won and set a new record for the 200m. He is remembered for his many records set at his alma mater, two of which are still standing.  They are 200m for Grade 4 boys set in 1999 and 200m for Grade 5 boys set in 2000. He was viewed as an all-round athlete who not only excelled on the track but was skilled at both football and cricket which he began playing at the primary school.

During his years at the Gingerland Secondary School, he continued to dominate the sprints and maintained his ability to do well in them.   At this level also, he honed his skills as a cricketer and played for the Under 13 and Under 15 before making his debut for the Nevis team at age 15.   He has played for the St. Kitts-Nevis 11, the Leewards Under 15, as well as the Leewards Under19. He has given back to the Gingerland Primary School by assisting in the training of the school’s cricket team. Currently he is employed at the Four Season’s Resort.

The Joycelyn Liburd Primary School salutes Trevier Smithen as one of its most outstanding athletes and is proud to present him as the patron at this prestigious event.