Patron Profile

Mr. Shomari Delashley is a lifetime resident of Butlers Village and a proud alumnus of the St. James’ Primary School.  In his youth, while a student at the St. James’ Primary, he excelled at Mathematics, Language Arts and sports.  He boasts of the multiple long standing records in the 800 metres and 1500 metres Sports Day track and field events.  Following his graduation from the St. James’ Primary School in 1993 Mr. Delashley continued his education at the Gingerland Secondary School. During his years at Gingerland Secondary he took part in several events namely: 400m, 800m, 1500m, 800m relay medley, 1500m relay medley Cross Country, long jump and high jump. After his stint at the Gingerland Secondary School he entered the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College, where he earned a diploma in HVACRE (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Electrical).

Currently, Mr. Delashley is employed by the Canadian company Wind Watts as the Electro-mechanical Technician for the St. James’ Wind Farm.  He concurrently holds a position as a Senior Electrician for Stella’s Engineering.  In 2011, Mr. Delashley visited France through a work training program sponsored by Wind Watt.  He would like to continue expanding both his world and work knowledge through further trainings and travels.

In addition to visiting countries, Mr. Delashley enjoys spending time with his 9 year old son, Shamaul Delashley who is school president at the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School.  Mr. Delashley is proud to be recognized as the St. James’ Primary School Patriot for the 2012 Sports Season.  He would like to remind all students that, “Education is the key to life.”