2010 News by CClarke

Nevis getting ready for Inter Primary Games.

Clayton Clarke

Charlestown, Nevis: All of Nevis seemed gearing up for the 18th annual  Gulf Insurance Primary School Championships affectionately called the “mini-Olympics”.  From the moment I Ianded at the Vance W. Amory Airport on the northern end of the island on Tuesday 23rd  March, the talk has been about these games. While I was awaiting to be taken from the airport I heard a conversation between two women, a security officer and a reservation clerk, arguing that they would be not be speaking to each other tomorrow (Wed. 24th March) as they both are not supporting the same school.  As a visitor to the isle I was not sure what there were talking about. The officer when on to identify the school she attended and have been supporting.  The two then started to laugh. I then had to courage to ask.  The officer in reply asked in a tone that suggest that I should know what is happening, “don’t you know what is happening tomorrow?” I said “yes, the Primary School Championships”. I added that I am here for that. The ladies then got all excited and each just went off in talking about the chances of their school without even listening to each other.

I was taken to the technical meeting which was coming to an end by the time I got there.  The teachers were finalizing the entrants for their respective schools. I was approached by a gentleman who complimented me on the colour of the polo shirt I was wearing. He said  I wore the winning colour (purple). Of course, he was the sports master of Gingerland Primary.  I guess I have to careful of the colours I am wearing tomorrow.

Later in the afternoon I was taken in Elquemedo Wilbert Park, the venue for the games. Workmen  were busy painting track lanes and setting up tents.  Workers from the local cable company were running the lines for live television and internet streaming tomorrow. I then was rushed off the ferry in Charlestown to await the arrival of the Mr. Gerard Lee Inniss, Chairman of Gulf Insurance headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago and Corporate Secretary Leon Williams.  Mr. Inniss is attending the games for the first time while Mr. Williams is making his eighth trip.  The two were greeted by Mr. Blackett, president (NAAA), Mr. Arthur Evelyn Local agent for Gulf in Nevis, NAAA PRO Halstead Byron.

Gulf Insurance officials arrive for 2010 Inter Primary Schools Champs.

Clayton Clarke

Charlestown, Nevis: Gulf Insurance Limited has been the main sponsor of the annual Nevis Primary Schools Athletic Championships for the past 18 years. The company is based in Trinidad and Tobago and offices in 15 other Caribbean countries including Nevis. The local agent is Mr. Arthur Evelyn.

Gulf Insurance representative Leon Williams described the annual Nevis Primary Schools Championships as  a “social event”. Mr. Williams has been attending the Games for the past eight years and see the meet an opportunity to interact with the people of Nevis. He is Corporate Secretary of Trinidad-based Gulf Insurance Limited and arrived in Nevis earlier in the day along with Chairman Gerard Inniss.  Mr. Williams said every since he attend his first Inter Primary has been bitten the games “fever” and he has not been able to stay away since. He has even been able to convince his sister and her husband to change travel plans and drop in on the Championships. He even is planning to bring the rest of his family along for the 2011 games. Mr. Inniss is the first sitting chairman of Gulf Insurance to attend these Championships  in the 18 year history of the partnerships between Gulf and the meet.

Since his arrival on the island Mr. Willliams has been busy appearing on local radio and television stations promoting the event, dubbed “Mini Olympics”. Accompaning him were Nevis Amateur Athletic Association President Lester Blackett , PRO Halstead Byron  and Free-lance Journalist from Trinidad and Tobago Clayton Clarke. The gentlemen visited Choice 105.3 FM and VON 895 AM radio stations and Government Information Service television station.