Premier's Message

Message for the Gulf Insurance Inter Primary Schools Championship

I greet you pleasantly as we “get set” to witness another Gulf Insurance Inter Primary Schools Athletic Championship.  This event is the single-most anticipated occasion on our sports calendar on Nevis. Over the years, it has become somewhat our signature event with regards to organized sports activities on the island.  The Inter Primary schools competition is the magnet that draws one and all to the Elquemedo Tonito Willett Park year after year.  It generates a flurry of activities at this venue like no other event does.   The kaleidoscope of colours that adorn the thousands of spectators to show support for the various schools, the varied delicacies from the vendors, the crescendo of excitement as the athletes compete in the various races, is the perfect mix that creates the catalyst that causes the event to mushroom bigger and better each year.

I must say however, that there is a lesson that this magnificent event, that we in Nevis have now come to refer to as “The Mini Olympics,” must teach us.   The lesson is one of togetherness.  Despite the friendly rivalry that exists between the various schools, the lively banter between the supporters of the respective schools and the animated teasing among supporters of the respective schools, we come together each year to witness the outstanding abilities of our best athletes from across the island.  We set aside everything else to come together in the same space to collectively throw our support behind our children, in the best of a family-friendly atmosphere.  That show of oneness is very instructive to me as it highlights that we can make a success of anything if we come together to make it happen, as we as an island have come together to make this yearly activity the huge success it is.

I salute, thank and commend the major sponsors, Gulf Insurance Limited, led by its Chairman, Mr Jason Clarke and also Mr Arthur Evelyn, the local agent for the company, for their dedication to the Inter Primary schools athletic championship for over 20 plus years.  While it could be quantified with respect to dollars what the Gulf Insurance Ltd sponsorship has been over the years, it means to us here in Nevis much, much more than whatever that amount is.  The opportunity that Gulf Insurance Ltd. has afforded our young athletes to globally  showcase their athletic  ability cannot be quantified.  For such an opportunity, a dollar amount cannot be affixed.

Our children will take home medals and trophies at the end of the day but, along with those, I am sure they will take with them lifelong memories.  And the day may be as well for some a platform for greater things in the future.  This opportunity for them, in this our “Mini-Olympics”, may turn out to be the track, that leads to the real Olympics  at sometime in the future.

I wish all the athletes and schools the best.  May you be safe, show good sportsmanship while you compete but, most of all, have fun and enjoy yourselves.

God’s blessings to all.