Pre Schools Sports

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19/03/10:  Yellow does two-peat at Vern ‘N’ Llew Sports Meet by Curtis Morton
Yellow house once again dominated to be the champion house at the Vern ‘N’ Llew Pre school annual sports meet for the second consecutive year.
The impressively run meet was held under the distinguished patronage of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Barrett and after a dignified march past which was incidentally won by Green House, the athletes then took time out to entertain the sizeable crowd on hand.
The races included the potato race, the socks and shoes race, the dress up race, the 40 meters flat, the fill the bottle race, the thread the roll race, the sack race and the tyre race.
There were moments to smile about when some children bolted towards the finish line only for one or both of their shoes to fall off or the thread to fall  away from the roll.  The tyre race also had is moments of hilarity as some of the tyres took courses not meant by their would- be chauffeurs.
To end the day, the Teachers had a show down of their own with Head  Mistress Collins pulling up an early back seat while Teacher Manners raced to the finish line in first place.
There were also some past students’ races and then the parents decided to entertain their children.  In the female parents’ race, Grace Patterson hit the tape first and the photo finish is yet to determine the final male parents’ race as Earl Boddie, Mr. Hill and at least three other Fathers ended in a tight huddle.
The final scores were:
Yellow house-champions—166 points
Orange house -155
Green House 147

18/03/10: Charlestown Pre School Hosts Annual Sports Meet by Curtis Morton

The athletes at the Charlestown Pre School had their day in the sunshine yesterday at the Elquemedo Willet Park as their annual sports meet was held under the patronage of Mrs. Ianson Slater.
The children looked smart as they represented the three houses on show in the impressive march past:  Red Green and Blue. A fair sized crowd was on hand to witness the races from the potato race, to thread the roll, to the sixty meters dash, right down to the scintillating relay races which climaxed the event.

At the end of the day, the final results were:

Today will climax the sports meets prior to the grand Inter Primary event as the Vern ‘N” Llew School will  host their annual meet under the patronage of Mr. and Mrs Kevin Barrett. 


17/03/10:  Red dominates Inez France Pre school Sports by Curtis Morton


Red emerged as the victorious house when the Inez France Pre school held its annual Sports meet on March 11th.


The meet was held under the distinguished patronage of Cultural icon, Chesley ‘Pharaoh’ Davis who took the salute as the athletes paraded and then quickly took the microphone to be the main commentator at the event.


At the end of the day, the overall scores were;


Red house 276

Orange house 259



15/03/10: Yellow holds slender lead at Vern ‘N’ Llew by Curtis Morton


The Vern ‘N’ Llew Pre School held its annual cross country events on Friday March 12th.  Despite inclement weather, quite a lot of the parents took time off from their regular duties to see the Olympic future stars in action.


There were a few very close races and that just helped to add to the excitement. A total of four races were held and the top five finishers in each category were as follows:


Class two girls:

1st Leasia Thompson

2nd Akayhlah Hanley

3rd Amihra Wilkes

4th Keya Newton

5th Shade Bridgeman


Class one girls:

1st Xenobria  Sutton

2nd Rishel Liburd

3rd J’diamond Smithen

4th Kimalijah Warner

5th Ayesha Duggins


Class two boys:

1st Michael Pemberton

2nd Godwin Patterson and Kevon Korum-tied

3rd Kail Dowe

4th Letrell Webbe

Malik Griffin


Class one boys:

1st Terran Webbe and Michael Izeiyamu –tied

2nd Azari Wilkes

3rd  Corleane Sargeant

4th Dimitri Perkins

5th Deandre Prentice


Overall results:



Green –89


The Vern ‘N’ Llew Pre school will hold its annual sports meet on Thursday 18th March at the school grounds under the patronage of Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Barrett.



15/03/10: Green in Charge at Charlestown Pre by Curtis Morton


As the schools’ athletic season gets closer to its grand climax on March 24th the Pre schoolers who are yet to host their sports meet, were engaged in their Cross country run offs on Friday 12th March.


At the Charlestown Pre School, the action got really intense after a delayed start when four races were held.  The enthused parents and siblings were asked to stay clear of the children but some of them managed to get really close.


At the end of the races, the top three places in each category were:


3 year old boys:

1st Damari Mitchell-Red

2nd Nathan Woolward-Green

3rd Dakari Browne--Green


3 year old girls:

1st Isheniah Saddler--Green

2nd Curmyshan Samuels-Blue

3rd Kevonce/ Jones-Red


4 year old boys:

1st Malachi Fraser--Blue

2nd Dakari Williams-Green

3rd Kyris Gonzaley-Blue


4 year old girls:

1st Miriam Claxton-Red

2nd Khamaya Daniel—Green

3rd Deandra Webbe—Blue


The overall point standings are:



Red --17


The Charlestown Pre school will hold its annual sports meet on Wednesday 17th March at the Elquemedo Willet Park.


11/03/10:  Red Dominates V’s and J’s Sports Meet
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11/03/10:  Red Dominates V’s and J’s Sports Meet

Even as the general populace on Nevis continue to work overtime on preparations for the grand mini-Olympics event commonly referred to as the Inter Primary Sports meet, the attention has now turned from the Primary and Secondary schools to the remaining Sports meets to be held by some of the Pre schools.

The V’s and J’s Preschool was forced to abandon any thoughts of hosting their Sports meet at the usual Hard times grounds due to wet conditions there and inclement weather.
Even at the short notice, hundreds of spectators, showed up to witness engage each other on the track at the Villa ground in Charlestown.

The meet was held under the patronage of Mr. Roger Fyfield, parent and former champion long distance runner on Nevis.

There was just one major disappointment,  as the races and their results were constantly affected due to the interference of over enthusiastic parents and other loved ones.
At one time the Headmistress threatened to abort the meet if she did not receive adequate cooperation.
Fortunately, the meet continued to its scheduled conclusion.
The overall results saw:
Red-champions with 258 points
Green—second with 244 points
Gold –third 234 points.
The Victor Ludorum was Jacquan Chapman of Green house with 33 points
The Victrix Ludorum was Kishawn Smithen of Red house with 33 points. 

08/03/10:  Red in Charge at Inez France Pre School by Curtis Morton

The parents and relatives, who showed up on Friday 5th March to witness the cross country races at the Inez France Pre School, were thrilled beyond expectation.

The four races that were held,  attracted a fair sized gathering and parents and siblings were seen running to and fro in cheering the children to the finish line.  The races all commenced in the general direction of Paradise Beach with the four year olds having an extended run over their junior athletes in the three year category. 
The final top places in each category were:

4 year old - GIRLS
4 year old BOYS
3 year old - GIRLS
3 year old BOYS
Updated point standings:
RED – 97   ORANGE - 84   GREEN - 71

08/03/10:  Red dominates Naomi’s Pre School Cross country events

The Naomi Pre School held its annual cross country races on Friday 5th March.  Quite a number of the related parents took time from their busy work schedule to ensure that they were present to encourage their children.

The children did not disappoint.  From the tiny tots who had only to run from the base of the slight incline from the school to the top, to the older children who extended their run past the nearby corner, they were all cheered on with equal enthusiasm.  In a day of improved technology, the cameras were working overtime as the children neared the finish line.  Even at that age, there was evidence of hands being  raised in victory and obvious tears from some who were disappointed with their final placings.

The top results were:

Under 3 girls: 1st Jinyah Matthew
Under 3 boys: 1st Steadari Pemberton
Pre school girls: 1st Tyra Phillip
Pre school boys: Remigio Powell
4 year girls: 1st Shyra Joseph
4 year boys; 1st Tyler Francis
Updated points:
Red 100
Blue 72

26/02/10:  Green on Top at Maude Smith Pre by Curtis Morton

The MAUDE SMITH Pre School held its annual SPORTS MEET on Thursday 25th February 2010 at the school grounds.
The PATRON of the day was MR. JALMYN MYERS a former champion athlete at the Charlestown Primary and Charlestown Secondary Schools.

The brief opening ceremony included a prayer, the rendering of the National anthem and an impressive profile read on behalf of the patron.

The two houses in Orange and Green then hit the track and competed fiercely for supremacy, urged on by a very vocal group of parents and siblings.

At the end of the meet, Green reigned supreme:
ORANGE HOUSE                        GREEN HOUSE
75           (Fill the Bottle)                           73
79           (Fill the Hamper)                        73
73           (Flat Race)                                75
73           (Thread the Roll)                        69
69           (Spoon & Block vs Tyre Race)    73
68           (Dress up Race)                        68
57           (Socks & Shoes)                       71

Overall points:
494                                                         502
Sports Day Winner ( Green House ) 

24/02/10:  Green House dominates at Maude Cross Prep Sports by Curtis Morton

The Maude Cross Prep school held its annual sports meet at the Elquemedo Willet Park on Tuesday 23rd February under the patronage of Mrs. Gwenneth Archibald who was immaculately attired in her African wear.

The mini international event saw local athletes mixed with individuals of Chinese descent and Indian origin, among others.

The small crowd on hand however, got a rare treat as the little ones gave it their best effort and excited with some close races, well blended with several instances of humour.

The last race of the day, the 4x 100 meters relay, was arguably the race of the day. The athletes all ran their first leg well, but slowed up badly on the second and third  relay stations,  Young Holly ran back to take the baton from his team mate and Carlon Tuckett followed suit to snatch the baton from his teammate as well.  The two then came roaring don the track.  The members of the crowd literally stood to a man, to witness the end result.  Carlon covered the distance really quickly but Holly was able to hold on to a narrow lead as he hit the tape. A proposed Parents’ race did not materialize.

The overall results:

Class Champions
Girls: Adianca English (Gold) - 40 points
Boys: Jahmarley  Lawrence (Green) - 60 points
Girls: Sushakay Nisbett (Green) - 31 points
Boys: Carlon Tuckett (Gold) - 37 points

Victor Ludorum:  Jahmarley Lawrence
Victrix Ludorum:  Adianca English

Overall points:
Green  :   227 points
Gold    :  189
Red     :  118


The Gingerland Pre School held its races and the results were:
T-Kari Freeman - Blue
Kaivorn Huggins - Blue
Damion Amory - Yellow
Jereecia Browne - Red
Nangela Semple - Red
Sheldon Lawrence - Red
Jeerecia Browne, Nangela Semple, Shelon Lawrence
T-kari Freeman, Kaivorn Huggins, Damion Amory