Patron Profile 2014

Profile of Patron for InterPrimary 2014

Miss  Kasheba Daniel

Miss Kasheba Daniel proved to be an athlete of the highest calibre, throughout her primary and secondary school years.   Her talent as a sprinter par excellence was recognized at an early stage while attending the St.John’s Primary School, now renamed the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School.  It was a common sight to see Kasheba crossing the finish line in first place at the school’s annual Sports Day.  She represented the St. John’s Primary School at the Mini Olympics and each year she performed with distinction in the 100m and 200m races.

While at the St. John’s Primary School, Kasheba represented her island in the Leeward Islands Youth Champion in St. Kitts, Tortola and Anguilla.  In each of these Track and Field Championships, she towered over her competitors and solidified her athletic prowess.  In 2001 she was named the U15 female Class Champion in the Leeward Islands Youth Track and Field Championship held in Nevis.  At this meet she won gold in the 200m and Long Jump as well as silver in the 100m.

Her junior year on the track at Gingerland Secondary School  was success filled and inspirational.  Kasheba was a track superstar who excelled at the 100m, 200m, and 400m. On Sports Day she broke and set new records at will.

Kasheba was a perennial feature on the Gingerland Secondary School’s TDC Inter High School Championship Team.  Winning gold medals at this Meet became quite common to her.  She represented Nevis in the Leeward Island Junior Track and Field Championship in Tortola , Antigua, St. Kitts and Nevis. She recorded outstanding performances in all of these Track Meets.

Ms. Kasheba Daniel was clearly an athlete who was gifted and disciplined. She excelled at her Sports and made her school and country proud.

Presently, she is employed at Digicel and does not have much time for athletics.

The Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School salutes Miss Kasheba Daniel, Patron for the  2014 Mini Olympics.

Years attended St. John’s Primary School 1992-1999

Persons who motivated her:  Mr. Huley Daniel (Father),   Mrs Dahlia Bussue Prentice (Teacher)