The 2009 Primary Schools Championship

 will be held under the Patronage of

Ms. Leosha Wyatt

(former student / athlete of Charlestown Primary School)


Leosha Wyatt, originally of Bath Village, attended the Charlestown Primary School from September 1993 to July 2000. At her first Sports Day at the Charlestown Primary School, she placed 1st for the 80m. She achieved gold medals in every category over the years, but the long distance races were her special feature. She won the Junior Cross Country in 1998 and set a new record. In 1999, she placed 2nd and in 2000, her final year, she again placed 1st.


Leosha also excelled at the Inter-Primary level


1995 - 4th 80m Class VI
1996 - 2nd 200m Class V, 1st 100m Class V

1998 - 1st 200m Class III,  - 1st 400m Class III, 1st 800m Class III & IV (New Record) & Class Champion
1999 - 1st 400n Class II, 1st 800m Class II
2000 - 1st 800m Class, 3rd 1,500m Class I


She still holds the Primary Schools Championship Record in the 800m Class III & IV, with a time of 2:44.81 set in 1998.


Leosha continued to excel in Athletics at the Secondary school level. She also participated for the Charlestown Secondary School in netball and is a current selectee for the U-23 netball training squad for the regional tournament to be held in Nevis in July 2009. She is the daughter of Marcella Browne and Terrance Wyatt.

Leosha Wyatt (3rd from back on right) - 2003 Nevis High School Champs