NACAC Message

On behalf of the NACAC Athletics Family I would like, to bring greetings to our dear brothers and sisters of the beautiful island of Nevis on the occasion of the 23rd Gulf Insurance Primary School Championships, the “Mini Olympics” as the event is known in Nevis.

To organize an event so significant for the development of the St. Kitts and Nevis nation for 33 years is an achievement of great value to the whole region and the area. Therefore we want to congratulate the LOC, the athletes, coaches, officials, patrons, sponsors, parents and the Government of the island of Nevis for the contribution that they are rendering to the sport of Athletics and to the IAAF NACAC Area.

The investment in the development of our youth , in this case our age group athletes, it is something that we cannot measure now but, later on when the participants of this event, either become the future stars of our sport or develop the social and ethical skills to become successful citizens of the country. Therefore we commend those behind this movement that have being gone on for 33 years without interruption.

It will be of great value, to do a research and see how many of the Nevis citizens has taken part in this Games and what are they doing now and what have been the benefits for them to participate in the “Mini Olympics”.

Finally, it’s a great pleasure and honor to be invited to this important and significant festival and as President of the NACAC Area and as a member of the IAAF Council I would like, to thank the LOC for extending an invitation to me and my wife to experience this unique event.

Best wishes…

Victor Lopez,