NAAA Message

Message from the President of the Nevis Amateur Athletic Association ( N.A.A.A).

The Nev
is Amateur Athletic Association in collaboration with the Education and Sports Departments welcomes one and all to the biggest event in Nevis, the “Mini Olympics”. It has won this designation due to the 4,000 plus spectators from Nevis and as far away as Sweden; the food gauntlet one faces on arrival; the class and determination of all the participating athletes; the technological advances allowing world-wide and island wide viewing of the meet and much more.

The Association continues to remain committed to planning and organizing its resources to ensure that this Championship is not only successful but memorable.  We have again upgraded the standard of the meet this year and have implemented new measures including two large screens providing live video feed, results, start lists etc. along with a live “overhead” video, beamed from flying drone, a first for Nevis and the ETW Park. We intend to continue the improvement of all aspects of this National event in the impending future.

The schools are indeed well prepared as we have witnessed the outstanding performances of the Athletes at their Annual Sports Day and we expect a very high level of competition as they compete for their schools, and for selection to the St. Kitts & Nevis Teacher’s Union Meet.

Gulf Insurance Limited, in its 23rd year of sponsorship, has again assumed platinum corporate responsibility of this significant event in the island’s calendar and we wish to express our sincerest appreciation of their effort, contribution and loyalty to the athletes and youths of Nevis. Our sincere and special thanks also to A. L. Evelyn Limited, who has provided significant additional sponsorship. Thanks also to Miss Irma Johnson and her staff of the Nevis office. A special welcome to Mr. Jason Clarke, Chief Executive Officer and Ms. Vedette Wallen, Overseas Supervisor, from the Head Office in Trinidad, who I know will enjoy the unique nature of this mini-Olympics.

We express sincere thanks to all persons and organizations that have contributed to this important and entertaining Track meet, which was augmented this year by two inaugural field events, in the Cricket-ball and Standing Long Jump. Special mention must be made of the Departments of Education and Sports, the Education Officers, the Head Teachers, Sports Officers and Teachers of all the Primary Schools and the very supportive parents.

We trust that shortly (by 2017) we will be graced with our own 400m all-weather Mondo track and Stadium, with the support of the Federal Unity Government (as indicated in their manifesto), the Nevis Island Administration and other expected partners, such as the IAAF/NACAC. Nevis has produced top quality of athletes of the likes of Kurvin Wallace, Tanika Liburd, Kevon Pierre, Christine “Suzy’ Lewis to name a few, that screams for an urgent and drastic improvement of the conditions, surface, equipment and facilities for the future development of the Primary, High & Club athletes.

We trust that the spectators will fully appreciate the effort of all participating schools and athletes and, last but not least, as parting words of encouragement:  “Let each Competitor Soar for Excellence and Purpose While Embracing Victory.  When we compete in unity there are no losers and as such may the best School win.”

Mr. Lester Blackett