2013 Messages

Messages for the 2013 Championships being posted

Greetings to all Nevisians and other regional and international supporters of the Annual Gulf Insurance Inter-Primary Schools Championships. Again the Board of Directors and staff members of Gulf Insurance Limited are pleased to be associated with this sporting event, which has really been a positive light amidst so many societal darkness around us as a region.

Over the past few months at Gulf, we have been placing great emphasis on corporate governance and other business aspects of our company. However, this has not caused us to ignore the social needs of the community at large and more importantly, the importance of our involvement in the annual Primary Schools Championships, here in Nevis. We have followed some of the sporting successes of your young people and indeed, despite minor setbacks, Nevisians are resilient and strong, qualities which we have seen displayed annually on this track at the Elquemedo Park.

Today, the journey of several participating athletes with the hope and future possibility of Olympic representation for Nevis is real. We must encourage our young people to strive for excellence which calls for endurance. Our company continues to cloak ourselves with such sporting discipline which can only bring about greater success. Like the sporting arena, hurdles would always present themselves along our pathway. However, because we are focused and purpose-driven, we must keep our eyes on the winning line and endure all competition and seek to achieve our place on the podium. Competition and setbacks would always exist, it is our mindset that must be changed to ensure continuity in all spheres of life. 

On behalf of the Directors, the Management and Staff members of Gulf Insurance Limited, we wish the entire island of Nevis, a successful, safe and enjoyable Championship 2013.

Managing Director
John Gonzales

President of the Nevis Amateur Athletic Association, 
Headteachers and Staff, Sponsors

It is a great honour for me to greet you on the 21st Anniversary of the Gulf Insurance Primary Schools Championship. I also greet the members of the Nevis Amateur Athletic Association especially who have given such excellent support to the event.

As we are all aware this event is the biggest sporting and social event in Nevis, as it brings together the people of all communities in Nevis in one location to celebrate this demonstration of the immense athletic talent which our children possess.

Those of us who have witnessed these events over the years recognize that they have bridged the gap between individuals of different backgrounds, as parents, teachers and family members come to support their favourite school and their individual athletes.

It is expected that this year’s event will be nor different and may even be the most competitive and entertaining one so far.

All this would not be possible without the financial support of the sponsors, who year after year, find it possible to invest in the development of our children as they showcase their athletic talent. I offer my thanks to Gulf Insurance Company Limited and their local agent, A. L. Evelyn Ltd.  for their confidence in the children and he people of Nevis.

I also congratulate all their Head teachers, coaching staff and athletes of all the schools and their parents for their commitment to this event. May these events be run in the highest tradition of good sportsmanship.

Best regards and may God protect all our athletes from injuries.


Vance Amory