(Other messages to be posted includes those from the Principal Education Officer & the Minster of Sports)

As Chairman of Gulf Insurance Limited, I am sending my warmest congratulations to the people of Nevis and all stakeholders of the staging of another Gulf Insurance Primary Schools Championship 2011.


In reflecting on my visit at the games of 2010, it was truly inspirational and heart-warming to observe the discipline, tenacity and overall energy displayed by the several participants of the various schools.


The obvious support and enthusiasm reflected, not only by the mere presence of family members and loved ones, but together with the involvement of the Education and Sports Ministries, augers well for future sporting stars of your beautiful island.  This unity cannot be financially measured and should go a long way in developing the youths of Nevis.


For 2011, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Management and Staff of Gulf Insurance Limited, we wish you great success for the 2011 “Mini Olympics” of Nevis.




Gulf Insurance Limited

REMARKS by President Nevis Amateur Athletic Association, Lester Blackett
The Nevis Amateur Athletic Association, in collaboration with the Department of Education and with the support of the Youth & Sports Division, welcomes one and all to this the “Leading Sporting event in the OECS, our Mini Olympics” in Nevis. The Association remains committed to planning and organizing this premier event so that it is both successful and memorable.  We have continually upgraded our standards every year and have implemented many initiatives and features including live radio and TV coverage and real time streaming via the Internet with video, audio and results feeds and much more. We intend to continue to improve the standard of this event for 2011 and beyond.

The schools have excelled at their Annual Sports Day, and we predict a very high level of competition as they participate for their schools, and for selection to the Nevis team for the Leeward Islands Track and Field Youth Championship to be held in Anguilla in May 2011.

Gulf Insurance Limited, in its continuing and sterling support of the youth of Nevis, has once again demonstrated corporate responsibility by stepping up to the plate and announcing that they are prepared to support the development of a “world class – my words” facility here in Nevis. Our sincere and special thanks to Miss Irma Johnson and her staff; to the agent Mr. Arthur Evelyn, and to the Head Office and the Chairman, Mr. Gerard Lee Inniss, for their sterling support and encouragement. A very special welcome and thanks to the soon-to be honorary Nevisian, Mr. Leon Williams.  I expect that he is scoping the entire island looking for that special plot of lands on which to reside here.

In 2009, we were honoured with the distinguished presence of Mr. Teddy Mc Cook of Jamaica, representative of the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) and the President of the North American, Central American and Caribbean. In 2010, Mr. Gerard Lee Inniss, “the elusive Chairman of Gulf Insurance”, finally came to see what the fuss was all about and departed convinced of its reality. Next year, maybe Usain Bolt will visit us and declared what we already know – that this is a unique and unmatched blend of a sports setting, athletics, food and colour unmatched anywhere in the World and worthy of 1st class status.

Mr. Teddy Mc Cook in his 2009 address challenged the Nevis Island Administration to construct a Track & Field facility within five years (we hope by 2013), a challenge that was accepted by the Honorable Premier in his featured address. The Association looks forward to the commencement of detailed planning and designs for the much needed all weather facility and stadium.

We express sincere thanks to all persons and organizations that have contributed to this valuable and constructive meet. Special mention must be made of the Department of Education, the Education Officers, the Head Teachers, Sports Officers and Teachers of all the Primary Schools and the very supportive parents. We trust that you, the spectators will fully appreciate the effort of all the participating schools and athletes.

The Association continues to provide practical alternatives to violence, drugs and delinquency by providing avenues for self-expression, motivation and discipline.  More than twenty five athletes have benefited by pursuing Academic careers as a result of Athletics, in the U.S. Collegiate system. We expect that more student-athletes will be “seizing” these opportunities this year and in the future.

But let me end by expressing a dream that I envision will become a reality.

I have a dream
• that one day, we will be treated as equals in matters relating to Track & Field in this Federation and not treated with disdain and disrespect
• that one day soon, a son of the soil will set a new Carifta Record in the Javelin, a feat never done before by any National of St. Kitts & Nevis in any event – Adrian Williams!
• that one day soon, Nevis will be graced with an all weather 400m IAAF certified mondo track and stadium, a fitting tribute to the sons and daughters who for 29 years have strived and succeeded in this mini-Olympic celebration of sporting excellence.
• That one day this World Biggest & Most Exciting Meet (per capita) will expand to include the world in its reach drawing hundreds, indeed thousands, from near and far to the 20th anniversary celebration of this the Gulf Insurance Primary School Championship
• That one day, the IAAF would honor its principles that state “To strive to ensure that no gender, race, religious, political or other kind of unfair discrimination exists, continues to exist, or is allowed to develop in Athletics in any form, and that all may participate in Athletics regardless of their gender, race, religious or political views or any other irrelevant factor.”

REMARKS by Anna Linner, Sweden (Anna was accompanied by Sara Larsson and Filip Möller also of Sweden)
Dear Premier Parry, dear Mr. Lester Blackett, dear visitors, dear friends of sports.
My name is Anna Linner and I am from Sweden. This is my third trip to Nevis and also my third time watching the Gulf Insurance Primary Schools Championship.
I have never seen a competition like the one you have here, not in Sweden, not anywhere, ever. A whole day for just the children! Cause that is what this is about for me, the children. That’s the main reason why I come back year after year. To support your plan for the kids here. They have just started their journey of life and if we can help them fill their lives with positive this, such as sports, we are all doing something good.
Yesterday we were a group of people that went around the island to visit and support all the participating kids and schools. We gave them a pep talk but I am not sure they needed it?! They are ready, we saw it yesterday!
I just want to take the chance and say a special thank you to Mr Olle Lyngstam and Mrs Anita Asplund. They have invited me in their house every time I have been here and they were also the ones who told me about the competition in 2007.
I also want to thank Mr Lester Blackett for his never ending commitment for kids and sports. Good luck today or as we would say it in Swedish, "Lycka till" !
Anna Linner