Every year for the past twenty-seven (27) years the people of Nevis and St Kitts look forward around this time to the Inter-primary Sports Meet held here at Grove Park, Nevis. This year is no exception.


The Government of the Nevis Island Administration appreciates the effort by the organizers and the schools to showcase the young athletes, not only for the entertainment and appreciation of the vast viewing crowds, but for the benefit of the athletes, the schools and the parents and guardians.


The development of the young people embraces so many more aspects beyond their academic development. The Inter-primary Sports Meet helps to advance the self esteem of the athletes, their pride of self and school, and in general, discipline, sportsmanship, healthy competition, sacrifice and appreciation of others, among other things.


Over the years the completion has been of a very high standard. I am confident that this year will be no different.


I trust that at this time in history when many young people have turned to crime and anti-social behaviours that we can use this big event to help to turn our young people back to acceptable civil behaviours. Maybe we can look at this Inter-primary Sports Meet as a new avenue to save our youths from badness to things that are positive and good. All of us would benefit from this.


I appeal to all of us then, to expand the way we look at today’s meet, not only as entertainment and a day of competition and fun, but an avenue for us to save our young people and by extension our communities and island.


I am supporting all the athletes and all the schools. I wish for all to excel. I will be cheering you on.


Thanks to Gulf Insurance for sponsoring the meet for the seventeenth consecutive year. Thanks also to the organizers, schools, athletes, parents, supporters and volunteers who have assisted and participated through out the years.


May we all have a great and peaceful Inter-primary Sports Meet.


Hon Joseph Parry

Premier & Minsiter of Education





I congratulate all the athletes, parents, teachers and organizers who have scarified time and energy in preparing for this year’s meet. This competition generates the greatest interest in sports in Nevis and it appears that it will remain that way for a long time.

Everyone looks forward to this annual demonstration of athletic talent and the students have managed over the years to maintain high public support and involvement. As the Minister of Sports I regard this meet as a celebration of excellence. I trust that this attitude of excellence will remain with the students for many years.

The Ministry of Sports is pleased to facilitate this activity by committing its resources to ensure the successful hosting of what has been dubbed ‘The Nevis Olympics’.

I want to thank the sponsors, volunteers and members of the Nevis Amateur Athletic Association for their tremendous contribution to this meet over the years.

I wish all the participating teams well and I look forward to a very competitive meet.

Congratulations and best wishes to all.


Hon Hensley Daniel
Minister of Sports




Over the years, Gulf Insurance Limited has sponsored and supported the Nevis Primary Schools Championship simply because of the company’s quest to see our young people development with a measure of discipline. These games have certainly played an important part in the lives of young Nevisians and their immediate as well as extended family members. Sports have and continue to be the success story for many a Caribbean athlete and the Primary School Championship which over the years has been termed ‘the Mini Olympics’

Even in 2006 when the company changed hands, because of the literary legacy on these games which were left by the former Chairman, it was easy for the new owners to continue the support. Through the communication of our Agent in Nevis, Mr. Arthur Evelyn, we are updated on the development of the games as well as some of the young athletes. Mr. Evelyn’s own involvement and attendance at all of the games thus far, proves beyond a doubt that the company treats this social investment quite seriously.

Despite the world’s changing trends mainly caused by pessimistic economic woos, Gulf remains committed to the Nevis Primary School Championship.

As Chairman of Gulf Insurance Limited, I wish to extend on behalf of the Board of Directors, Management and Staff our best wishes for another successful year of Primary School Championship.

Mr. Gerrard Lee - Inniss






Dear Friends


I had the pleasure some three years ago of witnessing the Leeward Island Championships here in Nevis and left greatly impressed, not only with the overall performances of the young athletes but also the general participation of Nevis’s residents as they turned out in large numbers to witness the event.  Such support is absolutely necessary if our young athletes are to believe that they are involved in a sporting discipline that can bring great fame to them personally and to their country generally.

The recent success of Caribbean athletes in athletic competitions during 2008, culminating in Beijing, is a clear signal to all that our Coaches and Administrators are giving valuable time to drive the sport.  With such visible successes, corporate entities will respond to invitations to become sponsors of events like this ‘The Gulf Insurance Primary Schools Championships’.

I wish for you all a very successful day of competition and my sincere thanks to all the volunteers who have once again given their support in order to ensure the success of today’s Championships.


Mr. Neville McCook

President, NACAC



We welcome one and all to the premier sporting event in Nevis, the “mini Olympics”, officially known as the Gulf Insurance Primary Schools Championship organised by the Nevis Amateur Athletic Association in collaboration with the Department of Education.

The Association has over the past 18 years of the sponsorship by Gulf Insurance being committed to producing an exciting and memorable event utilizing all its resources to produce a successful Championship.  We have again upgraded our standard this year and have implemented new and improved innovations measures including live television coverage, radio coverage and Internet streaming with video and audio feeds, media facilities and enhanced security and meet management plan.  We have also broadened our sponsorship coverage and we welcome our new sponsors as we improve the standard and presentation of this event.

A very high level of competition is anticipated as schools contend for the Championships trophies and individual and team awards.  Preparation for all schools is essential and we applaud the efforts of the head teachers, school teachers, sports officers, parents and volunteers. We expect to witness outstanding performances of the athletes at their Annual Sports Day in the lead-up to the meet and to the eventual opportunity of selection to the training squad for the Leeward Islands Track and Field Youth Championship to be held in St. Kitts this year.

Gulf Insurance Limited, in its 17th year of sponsorship, has again assumed the primary corporate responsibility of this most significant event in the islands calendar (Note: this is the 27th year of the competition). The general public and the athletes are indeed appreciative of their contributions over the years. The support by the Nevis Island Administration is also welcomed as the half holiday normally granted allows thousands to experience the glory and the efforts always evident in these games.

Our sincere and special thanks to Miss Irma Johnson and her staff; to the agent Mr. Arthur Evelyn, and to the Head Office and Chairman, Mr. Gerrard Lee Inniss, for their support and encouragement.  A special welcome to the representative from the headquarters in Trinidad and to our special guests from overseas.

We sincerely express our thanks and appreciation to all persons and organizations that have contributed to this much anticipated event. Special mention must be made of our partners in the process, the Department of Education with support from the Sports Department in the Ministry of Social Development and other Government Departments.

We trust that the spectators will fully appreciate the effort of all participating schools and athletes and, last but not least, as parting words of encouragement:  Let each Competitor Soar for Excellence and Purpose While Embracing Victory.  When we compete in unity there are no losers and as such may the best School win.

Mr. Lester Blackett
Nevis Amateur Athletic Association