Memorable Moments

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Nick Prentice is meet’s darling (March 2004)  - from


You would have expected him to tell his mother to take him home to rest. But Nick David Prentice Jr., 6 (born April 29, 1997) would not take that kind of crap. A member of the Charlestown Preparatory School’ steam for the Nevis Mini Olympics, as he was being driven to Grove Park, the car he was riding got involved in an accident near Rams Wholesale on the Island Main Road, and he received a nasty gash on his forehead. His mother took him to the hospital, and even as he was soaking in blood, he told her that he had to go and run. He received medical attention and at Grove Park he won his race, 100m class 6M.


Picture on left shows Nick (extreme left) after passing the finish line having left the other competitors behind in his wake, even with a bandaged forehead
  Nick on extreme left winning the 100m

Delvis Pemberton does the near impossible

Delvis Pemberton was a class 3 athlete in 2003 and competed for Gingerland Primary. In the 800m, after successfully negogiating the turbulent start of the 800m with 15 other competitors, he tripped and fell hard after 100m. Red Cross personnel rushed to his aid and attempted to help him. The field was rapidly moving away from the fallen Gingerland athlete who was a favourite to win the race. His chances were dwindling as the Red Cross personnel insisted on helping him. He looked up and realised his competitors were now almost 100 metres away and with an effort, he tore away from the helping hands and started after the rapidly dissappearing group. He gradually moved up, realising from his limited experience that to give a big burst of speed would not help him in the long term. He steadily and gradually made up the difference to the last placed person and with about 400m to go, he started to reel in the others, to the massive cheers of thousands at Grove Park. He passed all except one with the finish line fast approaching but alas he could not made up the difference on his fellow Gingerlander, Cyril Dutil, and placed second. But what an enormous effort and a "Never Say Die" attitude!


Photo:  Delvis Pemberton winning the 4x100m for Gingerland in the Class 3&4 event


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