Meet Broadcasting

The meet will be broadcasted "LIVE" on local television in Nevis - likely Channel 8 (for analog channels) and Channel 96 or 98 (for digital channels). It will also be broadcasted live on at least two radio stations (likely VON radio & Choice FM) with the audio content available anywhere in the world via the Internet.
"Real time" streaming of the meet via the Internet (video, audio & text) will be available, with the complements of Digicel & its subsidiary Caribbean Cable Communications & FLOW via, NNC news cast, "Nevis Athletic" Facebook page. The broadcast feed will be provided with the complements of the Press & Public Relations Department of the Nevis Island Administration, with the support of Info-Channel. The broadcast is expected to include text overlays with results, photo-finish images, scores, Nevis promotional scenes, Sponsor promos & more. Other streamed information will include Photos, Blogging and Internet Chatting.

Two big screen displays will be provided at the venue providing LIVE Video, Replays and Slow Motion effects, Event Entries, Results, Scores, Statistics and much more including Promotional material.
Real or near real time information will be presented on this site during the meet including scores, results, photos and Internet blogging.