More details (including Rules/Regulation/Format) for the Media/Press will be posted.
Media facilities will be established on the 2nd floor of the Pavilion in a secured area, off limits to the general public. Internet and phone access will be provided, along with power outlets. Media arrangements should be made well in advance of the event and no later than 1 week prior to the event.
All media outlets (Print, Television, Radio, Internet, Photographers, Videographers etc.) will require accreditation for their personnel prior to the Meet. Accreditation will be done prior to the meet. All information on the meet is provided via wireless laptops (an essential item) from the website at providing information on the meet and other relevant media information. Media accreditation must be worn at all time at the meet venue. Failure to wear the ID will result in non-admittance to specific areas allowed for media personnel.
Information to be provided shortly includes:
  • Locations allowed for media personnel
  • Setup locations and security arrangements
  • Interference issues
  • Access to meet information
  • Cutoff times for operational setup
  • Facilities available
  • General rules/regulations
  • Appropriate commentary expectations and fairness guidelines
  • Technical contact