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16/03/10: Maude Cross Prep Making Do with ‘Second rated team’ by Curtis Morton
As the grand Inter Primary sports meet draws closer, Sports caster Curtis Morton has embarked on a promotional tour with the various teams that will be taking center stage on the big day.
On Monday 15th March, he observed the Maude Cross Prep School team during their training drills under the watchful eyes of Coach Emmanuel Jeffers and Sports Mistress Cherry Anne Walwyn.
Coach Jeffers is actually hoping for the best at this stage as he indicated that some of the parents have not been fully supportive.  “Right now we have what can best be described as a ‘second rated team’ because some of our best athletes will not be on show on March 24th” he lamented.  He explained that some of the more talented children had indicated to their parents that they did not want to run and the parents had supported them. “If the children had told them that they did not feel like going to school, would they allow it? I think not. Small wonder we have anti social behaviour”, he added.
He however feels that his team of thirty selected athletes will put on a good showing on March 24th and singled out Judene Tyson as the athlete to watch.  “She was joint Victrix Ludorum last year and if she shows up on the day, we should be striking gold from the 100 right up to the 800 meters”, he stated confidently.
Sports Mistress Cherry Anne Walwyn on the other hand was quietly optimistic that her team would do well.  She is looking for great returns from Carlon Tuckett in the Kindergarten category and feels that Judene Tyson along with some other athletes will also make her school proud on the big day and may even help Maude Cross Prep to win the B division.

03/03/10:  Green Dominates Maude Cross Prep Sports Meet by Curtis Morton  (click on photo to enlarge)   School Meet Photos
Green House was crowned champions at the Maude Cross Prep school sports day held at the Elquemedo Willet Park yesterday.

The meet was held under the distinguished patronage of Stuart Williams and the fair sized crowd on hand was treated to some really competitive races.

At the end of the day, the overall results saw:

Class champions
Class VI Boys   Tyrique Smith                  Gold House 22 pts  1 record 60m
Class VI Girls    Jeniah Tyson                   Green House 22 pts  1 record 60m
Class V  Boys    Ammani Williams           Green House 32 pts  1 record 400m
Class V  Girls     Kyshani Newton             Red HOuse    27 pts 
Class IV Boys    Lavion Smithen               Gold House    43 pts  1 record 800m
Class IV Girls     Tamia Grant                   Green House   30 pts
Class III Boys    Patrick Brandy                Green House   23 pts
Class III Girls     Khameel Stapleton          Green House    37 pts
Class II  Boys    McClevan Watkins          Gold House      31 pts
Class II  Girls     Judene Tyson                 Red House       34 pts  2 records 400m , 100m
Class I   Boys    Brittion Walwyn              Green House     44 pts
Class I   Girls     Nekhaila Tyson               Red House        29  pts
Victor Ludorum     Brittion Walwyn          44 pts    Green House
Victrix Ludorum     Khameel Stapleton      37 pts    Green House
Final Points          Green House   486 pts
                           Red House      422 pts
                           Gold House      329 pts

Red House (Red Dragons)          -   452  (Winner for Heats)
Green House (Green Stallions)   -  436
Gold House (Golden Eagles)       -  384

18/02/10: Teachers’ Cross Country a historic first at Maude Cross Preparatory School by Curtis Morton

The Maude Cross Preparatory School held its annual Cross country events yesterday.  There was much excitement and keen anticipation as many parents took time from their jobs to be present in support of their children.

The usual eight races which include Pre schoolers right up to the big one for the grades 4 to 6 students,  were held.

However, when Sports Officer Emmanuel Jeffers laughingly suggested that the Teachers also hit the track, there was a resounding ‘yes ‘from all the children present. Soon the children were debating which one of their Teachers would come first and the pressure was well and truly on.  It resulted in a historic first with no fewer than eight Teachers taking to the track, including Music Teacher Lanny Dore.  They were given the easiest course possible—the course used previously for the Pre schoolers.

When the dust settled, Teacher Anne Marie Smith was a clear winner, with Teacher Marva Newton having to be arm-chair lifted to the finish line and Teacher Cherry Anne Walwyn, after placing third, flat out at the finish line attended by the two Nurses on hand.

Head Mistress Varina Williams placed a credible fourth.  The children thoroughly enjoyed this one and many of them even went the entire track to support their favourite Teacher.

The overall results of the day were:

Pre School - Girls:
1st Dejonele Tross-Perkins
2nd Adianca English
3rd Cayenne Jeffers

Pre School - Boys:
1st Jahmaley Lawrence
2nd Jonathan Essien
3rd Lloyden Tross
Kindergarten - Girls:
1st Lamya Pollard
2nd Sashakay Nisbett
3rd Alexa Walwyn

Kindergarten - Boys:
1st  Carlon Tuckett
2nd Alexander Caines
3rd Hallie Yankie

Grades 1 to 3 - Girls:
1st Jeniah Tyson
2nd Kelly Zeng
3rd Keondra Walters

Grades 1 to 3 - Boys:
1st Lavion Smithen
2nd Timothy Caines
3rd Amani Williams

Grades 4 to 6 - Girls:
1st Calida Smithen
2nd Nekhaila Tyson
3rd Sheverly Mitchell

Grades 4 to 6 - Boys
1st Brittion Walwyn
2nd Ronel Archibald
3rd Ajani Newton

1st  Anne Marie Smith
2nd Marcia Walwyn
3rd Cherry-Anne Walwyn
4th Varina Williams