Lydia Claxton: Thanks!

Top Netballer says thanks

World renowned Netballer on Nevis, Lydia Thompson-Claxton yesterday expressed thanks to the people of Nevis and indeed across the world ‘for their prayers and general support’.

Lydia who was recently diagnosed with Breast cancer is currently overseas receiving treatment.  In an email to Curtis Morton who is a Sportscaster on Nevis, Lydia requested that he express her gratitude to the general public for all the support, messages, words of encouragement and their prayers.

Lydia explained that she is generally a private person but revealed that she has so far had a mastectomy of her right breast and removal of lymph nodes in the area where the cancer growth was found.  She is now recuperating and doing well but is preparing for chemotherapy treatment.

She was especially high in praise for the Nevis Island Government led by the Premier of Nevis, the Hon Joseph Parry, Minister of Health, the Hon Hensley Daniel, Mr. Ashley Farrell and the entire cabinet of Ministers.

“When you have a government who cares enough about its people to look out for their well being, they must be thanked and the people must know. There is no way that the government can take care of the expenses that I have to face but the fact they contributed financially and in kind must not go unmentioned. Please express my gratitude and thanks. I will also be doing that in my own way when I get the chance but I am giving you the permission to publicly do so”, Lydia wrote to Morton.

Even in her moments of crisis, the caring, giving Netballer took time out to express condolences to the family of the late Celsa Jn Lewis-Jones who passed away recently and to the St.James’ Female cricket team, of which she was a member.

“Celsa was a good friend of mine and her passing really tore through my heart”, expressed Lydia.

Lydia touches Inter Primary massive

The huge crowd attending the annual Gulf Insurance InterPrimary event yesterday at the ETW Park was obviously deeply touched by an address given by Sports Coordinator within the Ministry of Education, Lydia Claxton.

Lydia who is currently in the USA receiving treatment in her fight against breast cancer spoke to the live audience via cell phone, graciously coordinated by Education Officer, Andrea Bussue.

In her address Lydia gave thanks to God for bringing her through thus far and thanked all who would have contributed to her cause whether through prayer or through their finances.  She was also high in praise for the efforts of her colleagues at the Education Department who had initiated a fund raising drive which was brilliantly executed on the day of the big event.
She also lauded the efforts of the Nevis Island Government, with special reference to Premier Joseph Parry and Minster of Health, Hon Hensley Daniel.

Lydia further informed the audience that even as she spoke she was at the hospital for her third treatment in chemotherapy and is scheduled to do three more. 

She took time out to congratulate the Principals, Teachers, Coaches and the athletes and wished them all well on their big day.

At the end of her address, it was no surprise that several persons were wiping tears from their eyes.