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Green House wins at Ivor Walters

CHARLESTOWN Nevis, March 21st 2011 - Despite all of the concerns about the readiness of the new Brown Hill Recreation grounds, the Ivor Walters Primary School annual sports day went off without a hitch with the athletes enjoying the newly laid track.


18 March 2011 - Green Lights for Ivor Walters Primary Sports by Curtis Morton

“Everything is in place and the Ivor Walters Primary School’s annual sports meet is on schedule for today –Friday 18th March at the new Brown Hill Recreation grounds”. Those were the words of Mr. Alsted Pemberton, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sports, late yesterday afternoon.

According to Pemberton: The track has been marked; tents are in place; seating is available and the flood lights have already been put in place and are working effectively.

Pemberton was also high in praise for the work done by all those persons responsible for making sure that the ground was ready in time for the meet and noted that the hard working crew under the supervision of Bernette ‘Nutsy’ Thompson and Errol ‘Jabal’ ’ Tyson would have put in many sterling hours of overtime.

It means therefore that the talk about the meet being held at the ETW Park is without merit and the Ivor Walters students will be able to display their talents on ‘home turf’.

The Ivor Walters School is a former InterPrimary champion and much is anticipated from this meet as the students prepare for the mini Olympics on the 6th of April.


1st Place - Red House
                 Orlesia Tyson   
                 Kishonia Merrit   
                 Kyttana Richards   
                 Alexia Sweeney    
2nd Place - Gold House
                   Vanshea Powell  
                   Aniah Fyfield
                   Brithany Lucius   
                   Sherima Prentis
3rd Place - Green House
                 Shekarnah Thomas
                 Naomi Thompson
                 Stenecia Pitt
                 Mac-Keda Smith
1st Place - Gold House
                  Shuquinho Chapman 
                  Troy Weekes  
                  Covante` Tyrell
                  Lezari Bartlette 

2nd Place - Green House
                    Javel Boyles  
                    Collin Parry Jr.
                    Brandal Meade
                    Tian-J Williams

3rd Place - Red House
                    Brandon Huggins 
                    Kalje` Claxton
                    Leon Smarte
                    Gabriel Howell
GOLD HOUSE   - 628
RED HOUSE   - 611
Ivor Walters Primary Heats Champions for 2011

7th March 2011 - As the school commenced its Annual Cross country events for 2011, parent, guardians and other family members were present at the Ivor Walters Primary School on Friday 4th March,2011 at 9:30am.  In focus were the boys and girls from Kindergarten to Grade six. They appeared energized, eager and excited. 

IWP Cross Country

These are the
results for Kindergarden girls
1st     Eden Howell      - GOLD
2nd   Kylah Browne        - GREEN                          
3rd    Aqueena Sweeney    - GREEN          
4th    Keshawnna Smithen     - GREEN           
5th    Keja Bartlette   - RED    
6th    Tiana Williams     - GOLD
7th    Curmyshau Samuel    - RED
8th    Pearl Clarke     - GOLD
9th    Ayesha Duggins     - GOLD
10th  Rokwania  Clarke       - GOLD 
Kindergarden Boys
1st    Vibert Stapleton   - GREEN          
2nd  Dakari Browne    - GOLD
3rd   Shervan Warner   - RED
4th   Damari Mitchell    - RED   
5th   Nathan Woolward   - GREEN      
6th   Jaquan Chapman    - GREEN     
7th   N'Jaun Clarke        - GOLD
8th   Donald Hendrickson   - RED
9th   Jaquan Marshall    - RED
10th Tyrel David     - GREEN    


Results for Grade One and Two girls
1st     Beyonce Prass    - GOLD              
2nd   Alyssah Thompson    - GREEN    
3rd    Azariah Isles    - RED
4th    Leandra Webbe    - GOLD              
5th    Carisma Kelly    - GOLD              
6th    Alika David     - RED
7th    Shaniah Richards     - RED
8th    Kezonique Dore    - GOLD              
9th    Nyobe Richards    - GOLD              
10th  Kaseya Manners     - GREEN    
Grade One and Two  Boys
1st    Aljabari Maynard    - GREEN
2nd   Nikusubilia Matthew    - GREEN
3rd   Trevon Dunrod    - GREEN
4th    Ryan Jeffers    - RED
5th    Jamoy Walters    - GREEN
6th    Rocco Browne    - RED
7th    Travez Browne    - GOLD
8th    C-Jay Caines    - GOLD
9th    Nalrese Mc-Donald    - RED
10th  Roberto Chapman    - GOLD
Results for Grade Three-Six girls
1st    Orlesia Tyson    - RED
2nd   Kishonia Merrit    - RED
3rd    Vanshea Powell    - GOLD
4th    Brithany Lucius    - GOLD
5th    Aliesha Bartlette    - RED
6th    Kyttana Richards    - RED
7th    Alexia Sweeney    - RED
8th    Tangela Dunrod    - RED
9th    Aniah Fyfield    - GOLD
10th  Sharissa Williams    - GOLD
Grade Three-Six  Boys
1st    Javel Boyles  -  GREEN
2nd  Shuquinho Chapman  -  GOLD
3rd   Troy Weekes   - GOLD
4th    Brandon Huggins   - RED
5th    Collin Parry Jr. -   GREEN
6th    Rasean Browne  - RED
7th    Jermain  Walters -   GOLD
8th    Sherlan Warner  -  GOLD
9th    Kyjaun Nisbett   -   GOLD
10th  Kalje` Claxton  -   RED
Scores after the Cross Country still sees a stong Gold out front. 
Gold House      600
Red House       579
Green House    587
The annual road relay  will be  held on Wednesday 9th March at 9:30 am. This will be the schools final heats event leading up to Sports day, on the 18th March, 2011. 

1st March 2011:   As Heats at the Ivor Walters Primary School continues  the excitement builds in the air for both teachers and students a like. They appears to be energized and eager for the up coming cross country and road run.
Scores after the 1500m and tug of war
Gold House      382
Red House       371
Green House    368
The annual road relay  will be  held on Wednesday 9th, March at 9:30 am. The Cross Country will take place on Friday 4th March,2011 at 9:30 am.
More Photos to be posted

Ivor Walters Primary Heats Results
Scores after the 60m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m.

Green   –  286
Red      –  295
Gold     –  320

Cross Country will take place on Friday 4th March,2011 at 9:30 am.
The annual road relay at the Ivor Walters School will be  held on Wednesday 9th, March at 9:30 am, as houses contest for house supremacy.

Sports Day will be held on the 18th March at 12:30 pm at the Brown Hill Recreation Ground under the patronage of  Mr. Cardin Powell.
Pictures will be posted later.