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USAIN BOLT made history for Jamaice @ 9.69 100M

JAMAICA: Tributes to all of Jamica top athletes: Bolt, Shelly-Ann, Melaine, Veronica, Kerron & more


Bolt owns the 200m in London

Usain Bolt smashes 3 World Records 100m, 200m, 4x100m


Usain Bolt 100 meter 9.69 world record


Usain Bolt 100m 9.69 - Beijing Olympic Gold & WR


1988 Olympic Women's 200m Final - Florence Griffith Joyner


100 M Flo Jo Joyner WR 10.49


Impossible is Nothing - Kim Collins

2003 World Championships Men's 100 Metres


Mike Powell and Carl Lewis World Record Long Jump Competition

Carl Lewis and Mike Powell - Long Jump battle - in splendid French