This year we will be featuring a number of innovations & upgraded initiatives including the following:

  1. Broadcasting the meet "LIVE" on at least two radio stations
  2. “LIVE” Internet posting of results & pictures on our website
  3. Full video/TV production of the Championship and broadcasting the meet “LIVE” on Channel 8 & on the Internet
  4. Proposed International & Regional Coverage & Broadcast
  5. Special Guests – Regional / International athlete(s)
  6. Starting blocks used for the fist time
  7. Special Trophy with all Meet Winners plates from 1992 or 1982
  8. Male & Female “Performance/Highlight of the Day” using texting by cell phone nominations
  9. Cross Country Run (Combine classes) or Road Relay
  10. Television & Internet Ads for all schools
  11. Use of an integrated meet management software to manage all aspects of the meet including registrations, results, scores, age group class champions etc. Results and finish line photos will be uploaded in near real time to the world wide Internet audience.
  12. Full photo-finish system linked with a wireless computer network providing images and results accessible to the media, announcers, officials, teams and the general public.
  13. Anticipated presence of  International Association of Athletic Federation (IAAF) officials
  14. Enhanced public address system & coordinated Awards Presentation
  15. Scoreboard displays proposed
  16. Field events including possibly the Cricket Ball, Long Jump & High Jump
  17. Colourful and detailed opening ceremony preceded by a March from the Charlestown waterfront.
  18. Additional stands
  19. Enhanced Event & Security Plan
  20. Medical facilities available for the spectators
  21. Provision of media facilities (with phone, fax and Internet capabilities)
  22. Adjusted boat schedules to facilitate spectators from St. Kitts
  23. Sponsor Display boards and other advertisement opportunities
  24. Sponsorship opportunities for new sponsors
  25. Full colour 20th anniversary magazine with Sponsor advertisement