Gulf Message


Nevis - Wednesday 1st April, 2015


Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit.

We are the same in this notion: the potential for greatness lives within each of us.”

-Wilma “The Tornado” Rudolph - Track & Field Olympic Medallist


Good Day to all Nevisians, the athletes, and other regional and international supporters of the Annual Gulf Insurance Inter-Primary Schools Championships.  It is Gulf Insurance Limited’s pleasure to be affiliated with this most prestigious and important event for the 23rd Consecutive Year.  The Gulf Inter-Primary Schools Championships is instrumental in the lives of aspiring young local athletes and a driving force in the growth and evolution of the Nevis Amateur Athletic Association. We are proud to support the Sports and youth activities, which provide a positive channel to stimulate our young aspiring athletes to dream, aspire and strive for excellence.  The Gulf Inter-Primary Schools Championships has been responsible for the development of several top athletes and contributors to the society by affording the opportunity for the realisation of one’s talent and potential, whilst fostering healthy competition and good sportsmanship.

This year, the key goals of the Games are to encourage “Fair Play” and the “Enjoyment of the Sport”.  The Gulf Inter-Primary Schools Championships seek to give participants the opportunity to recognize their sporting abilities, an opportunity to pursue their dreams in the field of athletics, as well as a platform where personal growth and lifelong skills can be nurtured.  Participation in sports is not only limited to the development and creation of athletes, but to the birth of upright citizens with a cultured affinity towards discipline, honesty, team work and temperance.

We must always encourage our children to dream BIG and work towards realizing their goals. Nurturing our youths to transcend the boundaries they will face in the future is in keeping with Gulf’s vision for our Company.  The changing tide of our industry has presented many challenges, which we at Gulf conquered to emerge stronger and better equipped to meet our future. The true test of strength does not lie in the absence of obstacles but in the triumph over them.  In the face of despair and seemingly insurmountable challenges, the “will” to succeed is the propeller to achieve success. We are all responsible for passing on to our children the “will”, skills and tools necessary to face head-on and overcome challenges they will encounter.

Through our encouragement of their participation in sport this can be achieved thus strengthening our children for their future journeys towards the realization of their dreams. At Gulf Insurance, we are honoured to be part of this sporting phenomenon for the past twenty-three (23) consecutive years and reaffirm our support and commitment for the future. 

On behalf of the Directors, Management and Staff of Gulf Insurance Limited and Assuria N.V, we wish all the participants, a successful, safe and enjoyable 2015 Gulf Inter-Primary Schools Championships. Congratulations to all participants who are all winners.


Jason Clarke

Chief Executive Officer