GMP (Gold Sponsor)

A high quality magazine is being produced for the 2009 Gulf Insurance Primary Schools Championships by GMP Graphics & Printing.
The magazine should be available in early March and will be sold at a number of locations including all competing Primary Schools.
"This is the first of what we hope will be many publications of this magazine dedicated to the Gulf Primary Schools Championship (Inter-Primary); Nevis’ most popular and beloved sporting event.
This magazine is intended to serve many purposes.  Firstly, it is meant to serve as a commemorative program that does justice to the rich history and excitement of the event while providing information on the meet’s agenda.  Readers will also recognize that each school’s athletes are highlighted.  Additionally, for students, schools and parents this publication will essentially serve as a yearbook for all participating athletes.  There is a general theme geared towards encouraging athletes and stakeholders to stay involved and enjoy the benefits of sports both as athletes and as a form of recreation.  Probably most importantly, this publication affords the corporate community and the general public a chance to get involved in education in a tangible way.
Each dollar of magazine sales generates fifty cents worth of donations that is shared between the participating schools (and the organizers).
At GMP Graphics & Printing we believe in sports and its benefits to the quality of life.  It is for this reason our entire organization is extremely proud of our association and involvement in creating and publishing this immensely critical and important document. 
Finally, please patronize the businesses that were able to advertise in this publication.  Their decision to get involved signifies a heroic act given the current economic conditions, and that deserves to be rewarded."