Fact sheet (updated)

TO:    Participating Schools
         Ivor Walters, Charlestown Primary, Joycelyn Liburd, St. Thomas's, Violet Nicholls, St. John's, Maude Crosse Preparatory, St. James,
         Combined Private Schools (Lynn Jeffers & Bellevue International)


Text in red represents changes to the previous Fact Sheet.






Grove Park, Charlestown, Nevis

Wednesday 1st April 2009, at 12 noon




1.         Ivor Walters Primary

2.         Charlestown Primary

3.         Joycelyn Liburd Primary

4.         St. Thomas' Primary

5.         Violet Nicholls Primary

6.         St. John's Primary

7.         St. James Primary

8.         Maude Crosse Preparatory

9.         Private Schools (Lynn Jeffers & Bellevue International proposed)



Each school will be allowed a maximum of forty five (45) athletes.  The following colours and numbers are now assigned to the respective schools.  Schools are required use the assigned colour as the top part of the uniform or agreed colour changes. Kindly notify us of any colour changes.


School                          Top                       Bottom          Numbers

Charlestown  ...........     Orange                  Black              1 -  45

Ivor Walters ...............   Burgundy/White     Black            47 -  91

St. John's .............        Gold                     Black            93 - 137

Joycelyn Liburd .........    Purple                  Black           139 - 183

St. James'..............       Red                      Black           185 - 229

VOJN .............              Royal Blue            Black           231 - 275

St. Thomas' ............      Green                   Green           277 - 321

Maude Crosse Prep ..    Baby Blue             Black            323 - 367

Private Schools          Grey                     White            369 - 413


Kindly note that an extra number is assigned to each school for the computer program’s use only (for example: the number 46 is assigned to the Charlestown Primary School, for computer use only and NOT for use by any of the school’s athletes). Colours are mandatory. Sports bra, if used, must be sufficient to pin on the numbers. Short tights are also required and should cover approximately half of the thigh.


Numbers must be worn on the FRONT AND BACK of each competitor.  Numbers will be provided and must be attached by four (4) pins or sewn on at each corner.  Hip numbers must be worn on the right side of the shorts. Numbers put on at the start line.


Athletes with special medical condition should be indicated.


N.B.      Athletes will NOT be allowed to compete in any other colour but that of his or her school.


D.         CLASSES:   All athletes MUST compete in their class


CLASS VII                     .......     Athletes born in 2003

CLASS VI                     .......     Athletes born in 2002

CLASS V                      .......     Athletes born in 2001

CLASS IV                     .......     Athletes born in 2000

CLASS III                      .......     Athletes born in 1999

CLASS II                       .......     Athletes born in 1998

CLASS I                        .......     Athletes born in 1996 or 1997


E.         EVENTS


TRACK (All Sprint events will be run in lanes by all Classes)


60m ...............  Classes VII, VI

100m  ………… Classes VII, VI, V, IV, III, II, I

200m .............. Classes V, IV, III, II, I

400m .............. Classes V-VI-VII, IV, III, II, I

800m .............. Classes II, I, III & IV

1500m ............ Open

4 x 100m ......... Classes V and VI, III and IV, II and I

4 x 400m ......... Open


N.B.      Each school will be allowed one (1) athlete for the 60m, 100m, 200m, 400m and two (2) athletes for the 800 and 1500m. The maximum number of events an athlete can compete in, including the relays is five (5). This will be checked on Registration and during the meet.




The program schedule is available on the PSC website.


Results will be made available to teams via wireless Internet. As such, schools are asked to have a wireless capable laptop to access the meet information including fact sheet, schedule/lanes, start list, records, results etc. The laptop operator can be a teacher, parent or any other suitable person. A tent (with limited entry restrictions) will be made available for operation of the laptops


G.                 POINTS SYSTEM


1st        2nd       3rd        4th        5th

---         ---         ---         ---         ---

ALL EVENTS                6         4         3         2         1


One (1) additional point will be added for equaling a record.

Two (2) additional points will be added for breaking a record.


H.         AWARDS


1.         Trophies will be presented to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers for each event.

2.         The Victor/Victrix Ludorum, the Class Champions and the Champion School will be presented with trophies.

3.                   An 'A' Trophy will be awarded to the top school, whose student roll is more than 125.

4.                   A 'B' Trophy will be awarded to the top school, whose student roll is 125 or less. A 2nd place trophy is proposed for both A and B division. A sponsor to be contacted.

5.                   Trophies will also be awarded for the Boys and Girls Champion school in each Division.

6.                   Event trophies will be presented after each race, upon confirmation of the results. The top three athletes will be escorted from the finish line to the awards area for presentation. They will then be escorted back to the Athletes area. The other event athletes will be separately escorted back to the Athletes Area. Champion Trophies will be presented at the end of the meet.


            If the results are changed as a result of a protest or otherwise, the school(s)/athlete(s) will be required to return their trophy to the Meet organizers for re-distribution. Meet Management will make every attempt to have any protest addressed before the awarding of trophies. However, we will not delay the award ceremony indefinitely. Kindly ensure that this arrangement is communicated to school officials, parents & athletes.


7.                   A special award will be presented to the Victor/Victrix Ludorum, to be used for educational purposes.


I.          CALL SYSTEM


A Three-Call system will be used.




First Call           6 events before

Second Call       4 events before

Final Call           2 events before


Athletes will be required to check in at the Registration Booth.  Athletes not registered at the Check-in Area at the appropriate time will NOT be allowed to compete. Athletes may be withdrawn from the event if registration is late (Registration must be done by the 2nd call). Changes must be made by the 2nd call. Missing athletes should be called, if possible. On the final call the athletes are under the care of the Registration officials at the Call room. LCD projection may be used.


Athletes will be checked for their numbers.  If an athlete is not wearing their correct numbers (and properly fastened) on the front and back, they will NOT be allowed to compete. These checks will be made by registration officials.


Marshals will be used to escort athletes from the Registration Area to the starting positions and from the finishing line to the Athlete’s Area.





Each School is requested to have a minimum of seven (7) teachers or officials as part of the official registered team. All officials will be accredited. Suggested Duties follow:


Team Manager                           (1)

Coach                                       (1)

Warm-up                                   (1)

Registration                               (2)

Refreshment/First Aid                 (1)

Wireless laptop operator             (1)




DEADLINEWednesday 25th March 2009 at 4:00 p.m. for all schools except St. John’s Primary & the Combined Private Schools whose deadline date is Friday 27th March 2009.

Registration will be done electronically.  Files will be sent by email - the required file will be made available by 2nd week in March 2009.  The complete list of athletes with their numbers and events must be given (in alphabetical order – last then first name). Contact Floyd Robinson (668-3075 or 469-5521 X2030) for any further information on the Registration process.


Please send the completed file by email to Mr. Floyd Robinson at robinson.floyd@gmail.com by the DEADLINE DATE.




1.       The grass track at Grove Park consists of nine (9) lanes and is 300m long - two straights of 30m each and two curves of 120m each.

2.       Classes V, IV, III, II and I will run all races except the 800m and 1500m in lanes. All Classes will run 60m, 100m, 200m & 400m in lanes - lane violations will be penalized as per the rules. The transition into the 100m straight will be in a different colour.

3.       The finish line for all races will be the 100m FINISH LINE. All starts have been adjusted accordingly.

4.       The first leg of the 4x400m will also be run in lanes with the break at the 1st handover. The starting point of the 4x400 metres will therefore be different from the start of the 400 metres event. It is the same procedure as in 2008.

5.       All nine (9) lanes of the track will be marked, including staggers for the 200m, 400m, 4x100m and 4x400m events.  A photo-finish camera will be used at the Finish line and will be used as the Final Results determinant.

6.       Athletes, Teachers, Sports Officers, Parents, Supporters etc. will NOT be allowed to enter the competition area and must stay outside of the fenced and/or roped area.  Schools may be penalized if this occurs. Parents will not be allowed to enter the Athletes Area unless part of the team and suitably identified.

7.       All positions will be verified by the photo-finish with focus on the first five (5)

8.       Recommendation: Lanes need to be refreshed – oil paint should be considered due to rapid decay of the water paint.

9.       Recommendation: A gate should be constructed opposite the Park’s south gate to allow an easy transit to the warm-up area at the CSS grounds.


M.        MARCH PAST


 1.  Schools will line up at the Southern side of Grove Park, opposite the Athletes Area, facing the east (mountain side), in the following order: 2008 Champion School – Charlestown Primary, followed by St. John’s Primary (Division B Champion) and Schools in Alphabetical Order (Ivor Walters, Jocelyn Liburd, Maude Crosse Preparatory, Private Schools (proposed), St. James, St. Thomas’s, Violet O. J. Nicholls). Victor/Victrix and Class Champions from 2008 will lead the March Past. Schools should contact these athletes if they have graduated to High School. They can wear the sweat suit top of their former schools.

2.   Athletes will March Past and salute the Patron and other VIP officials, and then assemble in an orderly manner facing the John E. Howell pavilion, where the Team captains will be introduced to the Patron, Sponsors and other dignitaries.

3.   The March Past will not be judged.

4.   Athletes will retire to the Athlete’s Area, after the inspection of teams, for the brief remarks.




Each school is asked to provide its own refreshments.  Schools are encouraged to raise funds by selling food/drinks during the Games without any gate charges.  Please inform parents and athletes not to bring bottled drinks, as we are adhering to the policy of no bottled drinks during sporting events.




School buses will be used for transporting teams for the meet and for training purposes.  Schools should make all arrangements with the Education Department or use alternate arrangements. The school bus schedule will be arranged by the Education Department.  School buses will leave Grove Park after the completion of the meet. The entrance to the Athletes area for school officials and athletes is via the CSS road. No unauthorized vehicles will be allowed into Grove Park via the western main entrance.





We hereby do affirm that all the athletes registered for the below inserted School,


 ………………………………………………… are registered in the correct class by age, as detailed in the Fact Sheet.  I understand that any athlete/s found to be competing in an incorrect class, will automatically lose all Individual and Team points, and will be required to return any award(s) won.  This also applies to all awards won by a relay team if the athlete is a member of the team. This action can be taken during or after the meet.



…………………………......          ……………………………            ……………………

Sports Teacher (signature)          Printed Name                            Date



……………………..….......          …………………………..             ……………………..

Head Teacher (signature)            Printed Name                            Date