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17/03/10:  Charlestown Primary primed for six-peat feat by Curtis Morton
The students at the Charlestown Primary school have absolutely no doubts that this year at the upcoming major Inter Primary schools championships, they will be completing a historic six-peat.  This was clearly stated as they were observed in training at the Ramsbury grounds (MWP). on Monday afternoon.


What is truly amazing is the support that is being extended to the children.  Quite a number of parents were on hand assisting with the drills.  In addition, various athletes were being enhanced in various disciplines from the proper passing of the baton to running in lanes by the Caines brothers of Titans Club fame and Stuart Clayton Williams.

Senior Coach Elquemedo Willet is confident that his team will do the six peat.  He noted that there has been a lot of talk going around ‘but talk is cheap’, he laughed.
When asked about any of the athletes he would like to single out for the big day, Willet noted that he had at least 12 stand out athletes and he feels that that will be the difference on the big day because most schools are only talking about three or four athletes. “You can’t win such an event with three or four athletes’, he stated confidently.
Coach Carol Ward was more cautious. “Everybody knows what they have, so when we get together, we will see what happens; she stated.   She however urged everyone to come out early as she is confident that it will be a very competitive meet.


The athletes then entertained by singing their battle song:  We are the ones to rock the party—first place rock it up…”


Red Leads the way at Charlestown Primary Sports meet by Curtis Morton    Photos
Red house came away as champions at the Charlestown Primary school annual sports meet, held at the Elquemedo Willet park on Wednesday.
There was a huge crowd in attendance as many of the other schools supported the event as they watched the five peat champions in action.
The meet was held under the patronage of former champion athlete of the school, Mr. Theran Mulrain who was immaculately attired for the occasion.
Due to some slight delays between races, the final events were run under lights.
Overall results:
Red house   - 339 points
Green house - 333
Blue house  - 299

12/02/10:  Charlestown Primary Warms Up For Grand Sports Day (by Curtis Morton)

The athletes at the Charlestown Primary School continued their highly competitive tradition with their annual Cross country exercises yesterday.
The events this time around featured the students of grades 3 to 6.  The boys were off and running in the first race and as the motored their way from the back of the school, down the Marion Avenue and across through Ramsbury, back to the school, it was obvious that the first placer would have to be really special.  Star Footballer for the school, Jevani Tyson rose to the challenge and not only placed first but created a new record in the process. 
The first ten placers were:
1. Jevani Tyson—new record--Red
2. Austin Barts-Red
3. Jamie Robinson-Green
4. Shama Wallace-Blue
5. Philo Wallace-Red
6. Donique Liburd-Red
7. Travis Perkins-Red
8. Kayode Lawrence-Red
9. Kian Pemberton-Green
10. Ross Powell-Blue
The girls not to be outdone set off at a rapid pace when the whistle was blown for their turn on the course.  Red house again took first spot as Uneko Willet dominated right through to the finish line.
The first ten placings were:
1. Uneko Willet—Red
2. Monique Daniel –Green
3. Sheville Phillip-Blue
4. Briana Rawlins-Red
5. Nichole Barry-Blue
6. Keandre/ Matthew-Blue
7. Dequila Maynard-Red
8. Jamie Martin-Green
9. Shyan Stanley-Green
10. Jerika Fritz- Blue

The overall point standings up to Thursday 11th February are:
Red - 1018 points
Blue - 995 points
Green - 971 points

Photos & article by SKN Vibes

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis – As part of its annual Sports Meet, Charlestown Primary School held its Cross Country Road Run this morning (Feb. 9) for Kindergarten up to Grade Two pupils and Datriel Stanley outdistanced all competitors to first cross the finish line.

In a time of 3:42:46, Stanley of Blue House breasted the tape some 11 minutes 20 seconds before his closest rival, Dejal Myers of Green House, who was followed by Kashief Tyson of Red House in a time of 3:58:06.

On the distaff side, Kurvella Wallace of Red House won the race in a time of 3:47:56, while Janiqua Smith and Junique Nicholls, both of Blue House, occupied the First and Second Runner-up positions with timings of 3:55:30 and 4:03:30 respectively.

The schools’ Junior Cross Country Road Race is scheduled for Thursday (Feb. 11) at 10:30 a.m. and the Sports Meet on March 3.