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18/03/10: Belle Vue and Lyn Jeffers team up again by Curtis Morton
Coach Smith at the Belle Vue Int Primary school has indicated that there will be a combined Belle Vue and Lyn Jeffers schools’ team for the grand Inter primary show down this year.  This is the second year that this combination will be used, after last year’s historic first.
“We don’t have enough athletes at Belle Vue and they don’t have enough at Lyn Jeffers, so we thought it best to combine the two”, he explained. He indicated that preparations are going very well but that he is limited in terms of choices, as the numbers are lacking. “I just have to work with what I have”, he indicated.
He is confident though that the athletes from the two schools will give a good account of themselves but has stressed that his main aim is for them to complete the races that they enter. ‘Once they do their best, I will be very happy’, he said.
He however lamented the fact that there seems to be a lack of continuity after the Inter Primary event.  He explained that for the Inter Primary,  a carrot is dangled in front of the athletes and all of them are pumped up for the event and exert all of their energies towards winning.  However, after the Inter Primary, as the students progress into Secondary School and beyond, there are no more visible carrots to be seen and the athletes are not motivated to continue into a major athletic career.
He is adamant that with assistance from the private sector, combined with the efforts of Government, that incentives can be raised to help to motivate outstanding athletes.  “Once they are motivated to continue to train up to age 17, they will be hooked for life and with the combination of Athletics and their education, at least some of them would make it to the world stage”, he stated.

24/02/10:  Close Call at Belle Vue by Curtis Morton    130 Sports Day Photos

The Belle Vue International Primary School held its annual sports day at a well marked Bath Village Playing field yesterday.

The meet was held under the distinguished patronage of Parents Mr. and Mrs. Chowtipersad.  The two houses in Green and Orange took to the field for the official march past and the official salute was taken by Mrs. Chowtipersad and Headmistress Mrs. Lucia Wilkinson.

As the athletes hit the track, it was obvious that several of them were struggling on the course, but every single race produced at least one stand out athlete which suggests that the Belle Vue School is planning to make a serious bid at the  Inter Primary this year.
In the close finish between the two houses, it was Orange house in 1st spot with 231 points and Green house 217.

Primary Schools Host Annual Cross Country Races
There was a buzz of activity at the Belle Vue International  school yesterday as a fair sized  number of students participated in the annual cross country races.

The final placements see:

Junior Girls:  1st Odecia Edwards - Green ; 2nd Abou Williams – Orange; 3rd Shakivia Hanley - Green

Junior Boys:  1st Ayinde George - Orange; 2nd Ossafo Edwards - Orange; 3rd Khayied Huggins - Orange

Senior Boys:  1st Samari Webbe - Green; 2nd Devaldre Webbe - Green; 3rd David Morga - Green

Senior Girls:  1st Oshana Edwards - Orange; 2nd Oneta Edwards - Orange; 3rd Makesha Pemberton - Green