Comments on the 2009 Gulf Insurance Primary Schools Championship
Comments by Premier Parry

Premier Parry responding to responding to a challenge thrown out by the President of the North America, Central America and Caribbean Athletic Association (NACAC), Neville ‘Teddy’ Mc Cook, who promised that the regional body is willing to assist Nevis in acquiring such a facility.

Parry said he is pleased and honoured to accept the challenge and gave assurance that he not only welcomed the challenge but would in fact take it up. He said funds would shortly be allocated towards the project but warned that since Nevis has a secret weapon in geothermal energy, which it plans to unleash next year, Mc Cook should be ready to back up his words with deeds

The Premier said he is very pleased to see the meet has grown into a sub-regional and regional event. He said this is a good thing especially since the athletes are merely primary school students. Parry also said if they could attract such attention at so young an age, he hopes when they move into high school and further they not only maintain the level of discipline but that they are given the support to become outstanding persons.

Parry further said he has no doubt that Nevis has the capability to produce outstanding world class athletes similar to those produced by Cuba and Jamaica.

Comments by Hon. Minister of Sports, Hensley Daniel

“It (Charlestown Primary) has insisted it must win in the last four years and I think it will have to pay some attention to St. Thomas in the future because yesterday’s competition showed St. Thomas very competitive and all the other schools have to give credit to Charlestown for pulling off another phenomenal victory  ....  The fans in orange - even to look at the orange in the crowd, were enough inspiration for the athletes. That is not to say that the other school didn’t have but Charlestown is the largest Primary school and so you had a great show of support from the parents and the community. I want to thank everybody for ensuring a successful 2009 Primary Schools Athletic competition

Mr. Daniel described the annual athletic contest as a display of remarkable talent and organisation and a celebration of excellence and used the opportunity to reiterate the Nevis Island Administration’s intention to provide improved facilities for track and field with the backing of the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) in the near future. He noted that the Nevis Amateur Athletic Association (NAAA) had already put together a proposal to be presented to him as Sports Minister and together they would try to raise the profile of track and field in Nevis. He thanked President of the NAAA Mr. Lester Blackett and his team for the steps that had already taken to raise the profile of the Inter Primary Sports Meet and had brought regional and international interests to the annual activity.

“They have brought more international and regional interest to the sport  - the representative from Gulf Insurance, someone (Anna Linner) from Sweden and when you have  the President for the North American, Central American and Caribbean Area (NACAC) Neville McCook in Nevis for an inter primary competition that is a major statement, that’s a huge endorsement ....  Gulf Insurance expanded their sponsorship this year in light of economic difficulties around that world that is remarkable. I think the children who took part in the sports they have something that we must hold them too  .....   They have been given the kind of assistance and to whom much is given much is expected.”